Speaking and performing, narrating and interviewing, and powerfully supporting and dancing with the wisdom tradition are so very much a part of what I do and who I am.  Yet I have been writing for the last twenty years.  Not everyone knows this, but it is there.

My Writings or what I have called “Fables of Oneness.”  I call them this because in one way or another, all of them help us remember that we are all in this together.

It started in 7th grade, our English teacher asked us to write 10 haiku’s by the end of the week, I wrote 73. In high school I enjoyed writing lovey-dovey poetry to my first love, but didn’t write much poetry after that. I love telling stories and trying to make complicated things understandable.

Then in 1993, a full story was downloaded to me. It was a story about a boy who was raised by a family of eagles. I have never actually written it down, but feeling it come through me, confirmed in me that I had stories to tell.

I got the urge to re-frame our twisted western holidays and I started with The Easter Angel. This got me going and I have enjoyed writing fables ever since. Enjoy!
———- ———-

This is a good time now to again share from these wellspring.  These are shared by section, below.  Here are nine for starters, but to be fair, Par is under projects makes it ten.  One step at a time

1.  Waves of Oneness
2.  The Secret of Halloween
3.  “The Secret of the Valentine Angel
4.  The Easter Angel
5.  The Christmas Presence
6.  Adam and Eve -A Divine Comedy
7.  Butterflies All Along
8.  Obituary of a Species
9.  Christmas is Cancelled