Waves of Oneness

Waves of Oneness – Two Waves remembering they are ONE!

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Below you will see two video presentations of the updates 2020 version of the Waves of Oneness fable with the written text under the videos. Enjoy!

In the top video, I am joined  by Kendra Bostick of Kikori and her dear friend Nora.  In the second video, I read Waves of Oneness as part of World Unity Water Day!

Waves of Oneness

A tale of two waves, remembering that they are ONE.

Once upon a timeless moment, before there was such a thing as time, there was a sweet little blue green planet that was spinning and traveling through space.

Most of this planet was covered by a powerful ocean that spent all day just splashing around. One day, the great ocean overheard two of its splashes talking.

“Get away, quit chasing me, you’re scaring me,” said a small wave to the larger wave behind it.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to scare you,” replied the bigger wave.

“But you’re so big and you keep following me!”

“It might look like I’m big and scary, but I’m friendly and we are all part of this one big ocean,” (said the big wave)

“What are you talking about, what’s an ocean?”

The Big Wave chuckled…“Ha ha, the ocean is one giant body of water.”

“Water, what’s water?”  

“Water is what we are made of and it is what the ocean is made of too,” replied the larger wave. 

 “I don’t get it, this is all very confusing.”    

 “You see, this water is a vast flowing creative energy, it is the source and the power that gives us life.”

 “OK, go on.”

 “When this watery ocean urges itself forward it creates waves like us.”

 “What’s with all these new words, like, what’s a wave?”

 “A wave is one way that the watery ocean expresses itself. Then, when that water takes shape like this, like us, it’s called a wave.”

 “So then, I guess that I’m a wave?”

 “Yes, you are a wave and…”

 “And the ocean made me?”

 “Yes, it is making all of us, all of this, all the time.”

 “So, why did the ocean make us?”

 “Why did the ocean make us, hmmm, good question. Heck I don’t know,  maybe this is just what oceans do.”        

“Maybe this is just what oceans do, what kind of answer is that?”

“I told you, I don’t know, stuff happens and there must be a reason for it all.”

“Ok then, so what’s the reason for me?”

“Oh wow, all of a sudden this ocean talk is getting deep. I think you have to figure that one out for yourself.”

“How do you know all this?”   

“I’m not sure how I know it, I didn’t learn it from anyone, it seems like it was just there in my brain somehow.

“What’s a brain? Do the other waves know all this? Why am I so confused all the time?”  The little replied frantically.

“Ok take it easy little buddy. I don’t know what the other waves know, but you are right about one thing, sometimes life is confusing. You must learn to go with the flow and don’t go making waves.”

What? What is that supposed to mean?

Oh never mind, let’s get back to your question.

I don’t even remember what my question was?

I seem to forget things a lot too. But I remember that earlier you cut me off when I was starting to explain something that is really important.

“Oh ya, what was that?”

I was starting to tell you that while you are indeed a wave, that you are also something much larger. The bottom line here is this, we are ocean water expressing as waves. Let me repeat that, we are the watery ocean expressing itself. When I can remember that I am more than just a wave, I tell you, it feels really good.”

“So you think that we are waves but we are also the ocean?”


“Let me see if I have this right. You’re telling me that I am a little watery wave who somehow forgot that I am also the great and powerful ocean?”   

“Yes, you’ve got it! And each of us remembers and forgets in our own way and in our own time.”

“Well then, I want to remember more, how do I remember more? And how did I forget in the first place?”

“Wow, more great questions. I’m not really sure, it seems like the ocean part of us must know what’s going on, but when we create ourselves as watery waves, the part of us that becomes the wave, forgets where we came from and forgets how we created ourselves.”  

“WOW, that’s crazy, are you sure about this?”

“No, I’m not sure at all, but it’s the only way that it all makes sense to me.”

But why? Why would we do this to ourselves?

Well, there’s got to be a reason.  Maybe there is a lesson in here somewhere, what could the water be trying to teach us?

“Oh man, that’s really crazy, keep going”

If we chose to make ourselves forget, then maybe, ya, maybe we did it on purpose because we like the feeling of remembering?”

So are you trying to tell me that I am a great ocean, and I made myself into a little wave and then I forgot that I did that to myself? 

Yep, that’s what I think. You got anything better?


“It seems like this is a game or a trick or a tricky game that we are playing on ourselves and with ourselves at the same time.”

“Wow, could this be true?”

“I think so, I think it is all a game that the ocean part of us, is playing on and with the wave part of us.”

A remembering and forgetting game?

Yep, somehow we are separate and together at the same time, and we bounce back and forth from remembering to forgetting.

 “And back to remembering.”

 “Yes, I hope so.”

 How long will this go on? How does the game end? Can you see anything from up there?

 I can almost see, you see the land over there?

When the other waves like us get there, it looks like they, we disappear. It looks like they stop being waves, the wave part seems to go away.

 What do you mean the wave part goes away? Where do we go then?

 It looks like the water that makes us waves, turns white and goes up on the sand, then it comes back and blends back into the water, the water we are blends back into the ocean.

 When I stop being a wave, oh, then I blend into the ocean, I become the ocean?  

 Yes, it looks like we go back, again

 Again, wow, this is deep, and it feels really good, thank you so much.

 You are welcome, I think you just had a remembering.

 I think I did, the water in me changed and I think I changed too.

 “Does it feel good?”

 “Yes it does, wow, I Love You”

 “I Love You too.”

 But wait, since I am connected to you…

then it is not I love you, but I Love Us, or actually, WE Love US.”

 “Yes, Yes we do.”

Hey look, here comes the shore…oh is it my time now?

Yes, yes it is, have fun.

What do you mean have fun?  I’m feeling really scared.

It’s OK to feel scared, you’ll be ok, remember.

“Remember what? I’m crashing, this is serious, ahhhhhh”  

Hey, hey little wave?  Are you there?  Little wave? Where did you go? Oh my, where did you go? Little wave, where are you?


Where are you, I don’t see you. Where are you?



What do you mean I was right”?


Little wave, little wave, wait, wait, what did you say? where did you go? Where are you?


But wait, wait, little wave, what’s an Ocean?” 

The end and a new beginning


The new beginning,

The little wave, who now knew itself as the ocean, again, laughed out loud.

“AH HA HA, this is a very funny game, now I’m the one remembering and you have forgotten!

“What are you talking about?  Oh my, here comes the shore, is it my time now…  I’m scared!”

Come on in, the water’s fine.

What are you talking about, the water is fine, what’s water? I’m scared!

Oh never mind, it’s OK to feel scared, you’ll be ok, remember…

The Next Ending,

And another new Beginning!

As we all live happily ever now.

If you would like to order a copy of the fable, please send an email to me, Peter.Melton3@gmail.com and we can get you one for a small donation.