The Unity Sign

This new activated peace sign is helping people everywhere to remember that we are all in this together!  As humanity is dealing with the Covid 19 Virus, we are being reminded in a very powerful way, that we are all connected and that together is the only way that we will emerge from this crisis and build a brighter future.

Here is a video that explains the Unity Sign.

This idea for a new peace hand signal originally came to me at the Woodstock 25th Anniversary in New York in 1994.  It was originally a three finger signal that called Treace!  Truth and Peace in Action.

Over the years it went through several shifts and name changes. For several years it was the Oneness Sign and then in 2018 it became The Unity Sign and it has taken off from there.

Thank you for your support in sharing The Unity Sign as we remind ourselves and express our unity consciousness out in the world.  We are starting a Wave of Unity!

Other Videos that explore the Unity Sign from different angles or for specific group promos.  Please make your own video using the Unity Sign and share it with the world!

ONE EARTH LIVE – Online Festival


A Call to Unite!

The Unity Sign and Spirituality

The Unity Sign for Young Leaders

**Here is a fun little video of me sharing the peace sign as a 7 year old kid.