“The Secret of the Valentine Angel”

“The Secret of the Valentine Angel”

Once upon a now and not so far from here,
Comes the story of an Angel an Elf and a Mirror.

This angel was born of Love late one night,
With her wings oddly shaped and her skin red and bright.

Her Mom named her Rose, and watched her blossom with Love,
But since she was different, the other kids pushed and shoved.

They made fun of her skin and her looks, oh the things they would say
But they all had one thing in common, they all hoped to be picked one day.

Picked to join the Valentine Cupid, he chooses one angel each year
To help him spread Love and Valentine cheer.

On the night before Valentines, Cupid arrives in his cart,
And an angel is chosen, based on the Love in her heart.

Rose just knew she wouldn’t win, so why even try
and on the day before Valentines, away she did fly.

She landed near a cave, that seemed so strange, yet so known
The Cave of Valentine Secrets is where she had flown.

“Secrets,” Rose thought, “Well this might be the key,
if I knew a secret, Cupid just might pick me.”

So she walked into the cave and she looked all around
But all the walls were like mirrors, from ceiling to ground.

“There are no clues in here, no Love Secrets to see,
everywhere I look there are just reflections of me.”

She paused for a moment as a thought came to mind…
“Could the Secret of Love be a reflection of some kind?”

Just then a small voice, the voice of an elf,
Said, “The Secret of Love, is to first Love yourself.”
A startled Rose replied, “How can I love myself when I just don’t belong?”
And then the voice answered back with this little song.

“When you love yourself for being just who you are
that love shines right through and you glow like a star

Then you’ll see the bright side in all that you do
and the love that you see, it came from in you!

Cuz the more love you glow, the more you’ll see back
and you’ll be giving yourself the love that you think you lack.”

“I get it,” Rose said, “I can’t see the love in others without the help of my light
But it’s easy to see if my love is shining bright.

Thank You, Oh thank you, sweet voice from the cave,
now that I know the secret, I suddenly feel brave.

I must get back soon, Cupid is choosing tonight”
and she took off real fast, like a flash of red light.


The whole town looked up as a red flash lit the skies,
and Rose landed at the castle with stars in her eyes.

She heard cheers and trumpets, this was her big night!
“They’re happy to see me,” she said, “This all feels so right.”

The girls all ran toward her, but then she could tell
they were cheering for Cupid and her spirits fell

He had arrived at the same time, with a flash of red light from his cart
The girls were cheering for him, and it broke Rose’s heart.

She stood there alone, as angel tears filled her eyes,
Her very special night had been cut down to size.

She hunched down in the back, her night seemed so bleak
As Cupid climbed up onto his cart to speak.

“I’ll ask you all one question, no this is not a trick,
The angel who has the best answer will be this years pick.”
“The question is quite easy, or so it might seem,
just show me the Secret of Love and you’ll join my team.”

“Show him the Secret of Love, now just what does he mean?”
The girls wondered, “Love is invisible, it has never been seen!”

Then some girls tried to show him Love, through their hugs and big kisses,
While others tried candy and money and jewelry – all misses.

“Is that everyone,” Cupid asked, “Have you all taken your stance?
What about you, in the back, would you like a chance?

Come out from the dark, so that I can see you clearer”
and as Rose came forward, she was holding a mirror.

“A mirror,” he chuckled, “Yes,” Rose peeped “I got it from an elf
And he taught me a song about loving myself.

You see, the secret is in the reflection, just take a peek,
if you shine your love first, you’ll get back what you seek”

The girls they all laughed, “What a silly show of Love.”
But as Cupid began smiling, the trumpets sounded above.

“That’s it!” said Cupid, “The Secret of Love has been found
You must love yourself first and then it spreads all around.”

The girls were all shocked, how could Rose win the prize
and what was that light, shining out of her eyes

They had been so mean to her, but could it be true?
that Rose was still able to shine love on them too?

“Congratulations Rose,” Cupid said, “You’ve discovered Love’s greatest power
So in honor of you… I’m creating a brand new flower.

The flower will stand for Loving yourself and sharing your own special glow
This is the Secret of Valentines that now you all know.

And we’ll call it a rose, named after you, my red friend
To remind everyone that through Self-Love, all broken hearts mend.

And by giving a rose, you share a love that’s so true
Saying ‘I Love Myself and that I Love you too’

You see love is a reflection, that you get to start
and your life is a mirror, showing you your own heart

Remember, your special Love is with you all through the year
And if you ever forget it, just take a look in the mirror”

“I used to think that the approval of others would make me complete,”
Rose said, “but now I know that loving myself is the best Valentine’s treat.

So come on Cupid, we’ve got roses to grow
I want to give one out, to everyone I know!”

Then the girls they all cheered and bid them so long
and they all began singing the sweet little song.

“When you love yourself for being just who you are
that love shines right through and you glow like a star

Then you’ll see the bright side in all that you do
and the love that you see, it came from in you!

So the more love you glow, the more you’ll get back
and you’ll be giving yourself the love that you think you lack.”

As we Love ourselves and each other,
Happily ever now.

The Beginning.
Fables of Oneness
Peter Melton