The Secret of Halloween

A Tricky Treat
The Secret of Halloween

Every year in the fall, there is a day called Halloween
when I get all dressed up and really want to be seen

I dream up some great costume, anything from A to Z
the hardest part is just choosing, what do i want to be?

for on this very special day, i can be anything i want
a frog, a prince, a queen for the day or a monster out to haunt.

I know I’m not a monster, but everyone pretends
that they don’t know the secret, I’m telling you my friends

my costume is not who I am, I’m hidden deep inside
for once a year on this night, the real me gets to hide.

It’s fun to pretend, I get into my costume and totally act it out
and I forget who I really am, you see that’s what it’s all about

Because in choosing to forget, I create the magical chance
to remember who I really am during this fascinating dance

and when the night is over and my costume falls aside
I’m left with who I really am and I laugh down deep inside

You see halloween is just like life, they really are the same
It’s our annual human version of a very much bigger game

my whole life is like one night on the universal clock
and I can choose to be whatever I want, with my time on this rock

so I get to be me and act out this very special role
so that I can experience the deepest truth about my soul

that my body is not who I am, it’s only hiding me
I am the love shining from inside for all the world to see

Halloween reminds me of the truth down deep inside
that no body or clever costume could ever really hide

That’s the Halloween secret, it’s scary and it’s sweet
and remembering who I really am, now that trick is a treat.