The Secret of Halloween

Here is my attempt to put the spirit back in Halloween!  This video fable is only 3 mins. long. The written text is below the video.

Trick or Treat?
The Secret of Halloween

Every year in the fall, there happens quite a scene  a day I can be whatever I want, a day called Halloween.

I dream up some great costume, anything from A to Z the hardest part is just choosing, what do I want to be?

For on this very special day, I can be anything I want a frog, a prince, a fairy queen or a monster out to haunt.

I know I’m not a monster, but everyone pretends that they don’t know the secret, I’m telling you my friends

My costume is not who I am, I’m hidden deep inside but once a year on this night, the real me gets to hide.

I pretend that I’m a monster, (Roarrrr) and I totally act it out and I forget who I really am, because that’s what it’s all about

Because in choosing to forget you see, I create the magical chance to remember who I really am and why we do this dance

Then my friends and I put on our masks and we go walking door to door, but I have already forgotten, what do we do this for?
Sure we get some candy, but is that really all                                                                          there must something deeper to this ritual of the Fall.

Perhaps all this Halloween fun has a certain goal,                                                                      is it trying to remind me, is it something about my soul?

Like when I say “Trick or Treat?” What am I asking you to do?                                              To see past my trick to the treat that’s shining through?

And by putting that candy in my bag are you are you saying that you know                      that the secret underneath my mask, is the treat that is my glow

My costume is not who I am, it only covers me                                                                        and when you look into my eyes, is there a glow you see?

A glow that’s coming from inside, is that another clue to handle?                                            it reminds me of a pumpkin carved, inside of it a candle.

And why is the Halloween mascot a pumpkin in the night                                                        so when we look into it’s eyes we could see it shining bright?

Just like your body or a costume the pumpkin knows what’s true                                    that’s why the pumpkin’s smiling, it’s trying to show you

That Halloween is just like life, they really are the same
It’s our annual human version of a very much bigger game

You see your body is not all you are, there is flame down deep inside                                and when I look into your eyes, your glow you cannot hide

And that’s the Halloween secret, it’s scary and it’s sweet
and remembering who I really am, now that trick is a treat.