The Easter Angel

The Easter Angel

Once upon a now, there lived a little boy named Peter. He really loved all the holidays, his Birthday, Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving, but when it came to Easter, he was confused.

So one year, on the day before Easter, Peter decided that he was going to find out about this thing called Easter. So he went to his Grandpa for the answers.

“Papa, what is Easter all about? I mean the Easter Bunny, the Easter Eggs, the hunt and all the candy?”

“Well little Petey,” the Grandpa said as he adjusted himself in his big recliner chair with the young boy on his lap. “There are many stories about Easter, here’s the one I like best.”

First of all, Easter is a celebration of Life, a celebration about things coming to life, going through changes, resting for a while and then coming back to life again.

It is like a flower in the yard. We plant it when it is just a seed, then it grows up, it becomes big and colorful, then a few months later it losses its colors and leaves and it then it rests for a while.

Then somehow magically, in the Spring, the plant starts growing again and the pretty colored leaves come back. This is the miraculous circle of life, and Easter is the celebration of this circle.

“So where does the Easter Bunny come from?” Peter asked.

Well, a very long time ago there lived a bunny rabbit, his name was Peter, just like you. He lived in a little rabbit village with his family and friends. But you see, he was a little different then the other rabbits, he was a dreamer.

Peter would go off in the woods and dream about far away places, imagining different kinds of animals and pretending he was in that magical time when all his dreams were true.

He spent most of his free time dreaming about these magical ideas, but he only shared them with one special friend, a tree. You see, trees are great listeners, and Peter would dream up these magical ideas and present them to his favorite tree.

He presented his dream stories in the form of rocks, leaves, sticks and just about anything he could find. Peter believed that if he planted his dreams under the tree, that the Dream Angels would come and find them and then they could begin the process of helping to make the dreams come true.

He knew that the angels were real because every time after planting a dream, he would return to the tree and they would have moved his rocks and leaves and they almost always left a sign that they had been there. The signs were things like flowers, nuts or a beautiful leaf.

“Papa, what was the bunny’s dream?”

The bunny had one very clear dream, he knew there was more to life than just hopping around and eating carrots. He knew that his dreams were alive and that someday he would go to the far away places and live the magical adventures.
He also knew that someday he would meet someone, someone who could understand him, someone who would help him.

Then one day, Peter realized that in order to find those far away places and that special someone, that he needed to go on a journey. So he told his family and friends that his dreams were calling him and he was going to live the magical life he had always dreamt of.

Although no one understood, Peter set forth one bright morning, he told them, ‘I will return one day, and I will share with you the magic I have found.’


After traveling for a few days, Peter came upon a wooded area. He heard some loud and very odd noises, he looked around a tree and there was the biggest creature he had ever seen.

His rabbit eyes grew big, this creature looked just like the strange animals he had seen in one of his dreams!

“What was it Grandpa?”

“Well Petey, it was a little boy about your age, but since Peter the Bunny had grown up in the rabbit village, he had never seen a person before. He had never heard human voices, and they were a lot different than animal noises.

Just then the stranger looked up and their eyes met. Peter felt an incredible tingling through his body. Part of him wanted to hop straight back home but another part of him felt the magical connection.

For a moment the two stood frozen in the connection, then little by little they began walking toward each other. As they got closer, the feeling got stronger and they were still uncertain about what was happening to them.

As they stood right in front of each other, the boy, who seemed like a monster to Peter, reached down and picked Peter up….. and then he gave him a big hug.

“Papa, did they become friends?” the relieved grandson asked.

“Yes, they sure did, and they ran around and played in the grass for hours.

Then, when they stopped to rest, the boy began to speak. He said, ‘Hello little friend, my name is Peter, and I am a Wizard, well a Wizard in training. Oh, I wish you could hear what I’m saying.’

At that moment, the rabbit felt something funny in his ears, then, as the young Wizard continued to speak, the rabbit could hear and understand what he was saying!

‘No one understands me, you see I’m different, I believe in dreams and other magical things, but no one else in my village does. Oh who cares, they have forgotten how to have fun anyway, they have forgotten the magic of dreaming.

So about two years ago, I decided to move out here. I love being with nature, talking to the trees and dreaming of faraway places, magical adventures and that special someone who is going to help me find them.’

The whole time, Peter the Rabbit listened, he had heard all of this before, it was his story all over again!

The young boy noticed that the rabbit was listening closely.
He said, ‘Well if I am a Wizard, maybe I could create a spell that would allow you to speak and hear.’

The young Wizard took a deep breathe, he rubbed his hands together and as he pointed his hands at the bunny some sparkling dust shot out and landed on the bunny!.

The Wizard watched in amazement and waited. The rabbit shook a little, then titled his head and with a look of disbelief, he opened his mouth to speak.”

‘Your dreams are alive,’ said the rabbit.

The Wizard’s eyes shot open as he took a step back. ‘What was that, what did you say?’ The rabbit replied, ‘Your dreams are real, you are a Wizard and I heard everything you said.’

‘How did you hear what I said?’ The boy Wizard asked. ‘You wished it upon me,’ said the rabbit, ‘you said, “Oh I wish you could hear what I’m saying” and at that moment, something happened in my ears and I could hear what you were saying.
But wait, it’s even more amazing than that,’ continued the rabbit. ‘My name is Peter, too! I have been dreaming for a long time that someday all of this would happen.

I have dreamt of a far away place, a strange creature that looked like you, and about someone who could understand me and my dreams, someone who realizes that there is more to life than just living and dying.’

The two Peter’s embraced in a magical connection of long lost partners. They were both experiencing their dreams coming true, right there and then before their very eyes.

‘Now that we have found each other,’ said the boy Wizard, ‘and we know that we both can make dreams come true, what will we do next?’

‘Do you have a favorite tree?’ The little rabbit asked. ‘Yes, it’s right over there, but what does that have to do with anything?’
‘We can pray to the Dream Angels, they will help us.’

So the two dreamers sat down by the tree, they held hands, closed their eyes and asked the Dream Angels to give them some ideas about what they could do next.

Shortly there after, the idea came to the young Wizard. ‘Since my family doesn’t know where I am, and we have the same name, perhaps you could go to my village.

I have been gone exactly two years, you could show up at my families house, yea, a talking rabbit named Peter. They would naturally think that I changed myself into a rabbit, they will think that you are me. Oh this is perfect!’

Now is the perfect timing too, it is the big celebration of Spring, the ever renewing circle of life, we call it Easter.’

Together they devised a plan and the next day, the rabbit Peter, set off for the village.

‘It will be easy for you to find our house, it smells like chocolate! You see, my family makes the candy and chocolate for the village.’

‘Also, if you ever get hungry, my Dad always hides a big box of chocolates in the backyard, behind the shed.’
Peter arrived at the village that afternoon, he followed his nose and had no trouble finding the house. He went right up and scratched on the front door. A pretty lady opened the door, it was Peter’s Mother. The rabbit jumped right in and started hoping all around the house!

Peter’s mom was startled and she screamed. She called out to her husband and the kids and they all began to chase the rabbit all over the house. They chased him for a while and then finally cornered him by the fireplace.

‘We’ve got you now,’ they said, as the Dad reached to grab him.

Just before the hands reached him, Peter spoke out.
‘Hello, Happy Easter!’ He paused… ‘My name is Peter.’

The family stood frozen in shock. He continued, ‘now that I have you all together, there is something I need to say. I have come here to tell you that dreams do come true.’

‘Peter, is that you?’ The Mom questioned. ‘It can’t be you, it is you, your… alive! It’s been exactly two years today, your alive,
I can’t believe it, it’s a miracle, it is an Easter miracle!’’

The family was overjoyed and they all took turns hugging and petting the rabbit. They admitted that they had been hard on him, and that it maybe he was a Wizard after all.


‘We must tell everyone, you must speak to the village at the Easter Celebration tomorrow,’ the Father announced.

‘Yes, that sounds great,’ Peter replied, ‘But first I must go and give thanks to the Dream Angels.’ Then he hopped out the door and down the street toward the center of the village.

The family followed close behind and watched as Peter picked up some sticks and leaves along the way. As others saw this happening, they joined in and followed too.

Peter crept right up to the huge tree in the village center. He put his sticks and leaves down and began to give thanks to the Dream Angels. Then he began to arrange the sticks to present his latest dream.

By now the crowd was buzzing with amazement and wonder. ‘What is he doing?’ asked one man. ‘Who’s bunny is that?’ asked another. ‘Is he talking to the tree?’ a young boy questioned.

Then a little girl spoke out, ‘Hello little bunny, please tell us who you are and what you are doing?’

The rabbit stood up, turned to the large crowd, and said,
‘My name is Peter.’

The crowd was stunned, not only is this a talking rabbit, but could it also be our Peter?

The rabbit continued, ‘As for what I’m doing, isn’t this the celebration of Spring? The celebration of ever renewing life?

Well, I am renewing my life’s greatest wishes. You see, I’m presenting my dreams through these rocks, leaves and sticks. I’m placing them here with the tree so the Dream Angels can find them and help to make them come true.

The crowd was silent. Then the same little girl asked, ‘Can I do it too? Will it work for all of us?’

‘Of course,’ exclaimed Peter, ‘get together with your family and create some way of expressing your dreams to each other. You can use rocks or sticks or leaves or anything for that matter.

Then at sunset, return here to the dream tree and together we will plant the dreams of the entire village.’

‘I have paints and brushes,’ cried out the village artist. ‘We could paint out our dreams’

Then the village rancher had an idea. ‘Hey, we could use eggs? I have hundreds of eggs, we could boil them and then I bet you paint right on the egg!’

‘Go get your paints and lets all meet at my barn and we will get started,’ said the rancher.

They all met at the barn, they were shocked, confused and excited all at the same time. They all got some eggs and paints and returned to their homes to decorate their dream eggs, or as we know them now, Easter Eggs.

Peter stayed with the tree as his family headed off to create their dream eggs. While painting their eggs, the family discussed the very strange and wonderful events of the day. Their little Peter had come back, well kind of.

As the family worked on their eggs, there was a silent bonding happening. It soon became clear, they all shared the same dream, they wanted Peter back, as a boy.

As sunset drew nearer, the villagers began walking down the street to the tree in the center of the village. There was a magical silence as one by one the entire village showed up with their dream eggs and gathered around the tree.

Once everyone had arrived, Peter stood up to speak.

‘This is truly a dream come true for me, I have learned that my dreams are as alive as I am, and that the Dream Angels are very helpful. My part is to keep on dreaming and to keep on believing in myself and my dreams.
So tonight we all gather together to share our dreams with our closest friends, our family and of course the Dream Angels.’

‘Tell us what you’ve learned about dreams,’ asked a lady from the crowd.

‘I have learned that the great spirit is alive everywhere, and that includes inside each and every living thing. This spirit inside of us plants the seeds for our dreams.

It is our honor to nurture these ideas, believe in them and express them back to the world in our own special way.

The Dream Angels are just waiting to help us, so we present our dreams here under a tree.

The tree provides the extra energy of nature, and the tree glows when it is holding dreams, this makes it easy for the Angels to find our dreams.

Then the Angels take our dream offerings and they leave a little sign to let us know that they are helping us with our dreams.

We plant our dreams with love and faith, and we know that the Dream Angels know the best time and the best order to reveal our desires to us.

You see, the biggest mistake is to think that dreams are supposed to happen exactly as you plan them and when you planned them. The sad thing is, many people quit believing in themselves and their dreams because of this misunderstanding.

The key to dreaming, is to believe and not to have to know exactly what it must look like, when it must happen and why it isn’t going as planned.

Our job is to nurture our dreams with our belief and our actions and to know that all things happen though spirit, and always in perfect order, even when it doesn’t make sense. And to Trust in the Magic of the Universe, it has gotten us this far.
So speak the words of your dream, speak them through the offering of your dream eggs. Nurture your dreams by acting on them and believing that no matter what,

Then, when we have all presented our dream eggs, we’ll return home in complete silence. I encourage you to go directly to bed and enter into your sleeping dream world with your newly painted dreams fresh on your mind and in your heart.

Oh, and while you sleep, don’t be surprised if the Angels come to visit you!

Then in the morning, at sunrise, we will all meet back here at the tree. At that time you will see that the Dream Angels have moved your eggs and have left you a sign that they are helping with your dreams.’

‘OK, now is everyone ready to plant their dreams?’

The crowd all agreed and the gathered around the tree, they all gave thanks to the Angels and then, one by one, they knelt down and presented their dreams.

After everyone had the chance to share their dreams, they all joined in a big village dream hug. Following the hug, they all went home silently, not a word was spoken.

Peter and his family went home too. All along the walk home, they looked at each other in wonder. When they reached the house, the sleepy rabbit climbed into the bed of his Wizard friend and fell quickly to sleep.


As he was sleeping, Peter had a visit from a Dream Angel.

‘Hello Peter, listen very closely,’ the Angel whispered. ‘This is a very special time for you and the village. You have helped these people to believe in themselves and the magic of their dreams.

This night before Easter is a very busy time for us Angels, and we were wondering if you would help us? Would you be the Special Dream Angel of Easter and help us with the dreams of the village?’

‘Of course I will,’ shouted Peter as he woke from his sleep. ‘What do you need me to do?’

The Angel continued, ‘I need you to pick up all the dream eggs and leave little treats in there place. So go in the backyard, behind the shed, and get the box of chocolates that are there.’

Peter stopped for a second, ‘Hey, how did you know about the box of chocolates, in the backyard behind the shed?’

‘I am an Angel remember, I know everything. Now take the chocolates to the tree and put one in place of each dream egg. Then take the eggs and spread them out in the open field near the village center.’

‘In the morning,’ the Angel said, ‘the villagers will return to the tree to find their eggs gone and little treats in their place.

When they ask where the eggs are, you can remind them that their dreams are often closer then they think. Then you can take them to the field and watch as they hunt for their dreams.

Peter jumped out of bed. Then the Angel left him with one last thought. ‘Remember Peter, we are always with you and we are counting on you.’

He rushed out the door and headed to the backyard, then behind the shed and sure enough the box of chocolates was there, just as the Boy Wizard and the Angel had said.

He took the box into the village and took care of his duties as a Special Dream Angel of Easter. He took the eggs to the field and he finished hiding the eggs just in time to return to the tree before Sunrise.

As the sun came up and shone on the village center, the people all came out to the tree. They all stared in amazement, the eggs were gone, and in their place were little chocolate treats.

‘Where did they all go?’ asked a little boy.

‘Like I said, the angels come to pick them up, to show you that they are working on your dreams, and that your dreams are often much closer then you might think, follow me.’ With that, Peter hopped down the trail that lead to the field.

As they arrived at the field of dreams, Peter announced, ‘All of your dreams are alive and they are in this field, go out and find your dream! And if you see someone else’s dream egg, you can give them clues on how to find it. When you are done, return to the village for the Easter Celebration.

As the people searched, Peter decided to return to the woods to find his Wizard Friend.
Once all the eggs were found, the people returned to the village for the celebration. They all gathered around the tree and gave thanks to the Angels of Easter.

Then the huge celebration began, there were people playing games, animals for petting, lots of food and drinks, and many different desserts and candies.

And there was one special treat, something too big to miss, a huge bunny made entirely of Chocolate!

The Chocolate Bunny had a tag on it, it said, ‘Just for Peter.’

There was only one thing missing. No one knew where Peter was, where was the Bunny of Easter?

As the people all realized that he was gone, a sad silence came over them. This miraculous rabbit had came to them and touched their village in a way that no other person or animal had ever done.

The celebration got quiet, where was he? Would they ever see him again? The celebration was over.


Meanwhile, Peter had found his Wizard friend in the forest. They embraced like long lost brothers, they were both very happy to be together again.

‘What happened, what happened in the village?’ Asked the boy. Peter replied, ‘I want to thank you for being such a great part of my life, and for helping me to make my dreams come true.’

‘But what happened in the village, how is my family?’

‘Let’s just say that the people are ready to believe again and it’s time for you to go back. The village, your family, the Easter Celebration and your dreams are all waiting for you.’

‘But wait, where are you going, when will I see you again?’

‘I am going to find my next dream, in the rabbit village with my family,’ Peter proclaimed. ‘But don’t worry, I’ll be back next year and every Spring, the Angels are counting on me.’


With that, the two Peter’s headed down the trails that led to their families and their dreams.


Back in the village, the people were sad and confused. Then, the voice of a young girl spoke to the somber crowd. ‘This is not a time to be sad, remember what he told us. Our dreams are alive and the Angels are helping us, even right now.

Peter may be gone from the village, but the Spirit of our Easter Angel lives in everyone who believes in the Magic of Spring and the Mystery of renewing Life.’

As the crowd listened to this young wisdom, the boy Peter was arriving at the village. He walked slowly back into the village he had left two years before.

He could feel the magic, his Easter dreams were alive.

He called out through the silence, ‘Mom…. Dad…. I’m home.’

The crowd turned to look, it was Peter, as a boy! In one magic moment, all of their Easter Dreams had come true!


“Wow Papa, did everyone wish for Peter to return as a Boy?’ Asked the grandson.

“Yes Petey, they all wished for just that.”

“Now I get it, now I understand about the Easter Bunny, the Easter Dream Eggs, the hunt and the chocolates. It’s all about Dreams and Angels and believing.”

“That’s right Petey.” The Grandpa replied.

“Can we decorate our Easter Eggs now? I have a new dream.”

“Yes, of course we can. And you know what Petey,
I have a new dream too.”

The end, and the new beginning,
and we all live happily ever now.