The Christmas Presence

Fables of Oneness
Peter Melton
The Christmas Presence – Santa, God and Me
By Peter Melton

I remember one Christmas, when I was a know-it-all teenager, my Mom said to me, “If you could have anything in the whole world for Christmas, what would you want. I thought for a sarcastic moment and replied, “If could have anything in the whole wide world, I would want God and Santa Claus to meet me in my room, in person, right now.”

My Mom shook her head and gave me “that look” as I turned and went back to my room. I opened the door and much to my surprise, there they were. The following is my wish come true, the official transcripts of the conversation between SANTA, GOD and ME.


ME- Oh my God, and Santa, you’re both here! In my room! How did that happen?
SANTA- You asked for us and Poof! here we are.
ME- I guess I never figured I would actually see you. I mean, with my own eyes. This is a bit overwhelming.
GOD- Yes, we understand. We have to deal with this “It’s a bit overwhelming” issue all the time.
ME- What do you mean, “All the time?”
SANTA- Well, someone will ask to see us and then when we do show up, they act all shocked.
GOD – And they are even more shocked when I tell them about how I created this Jolly Old Saint Nick guy.

ME- Wait, you created Santa Claus?
GOD- Yes, yes I did, what is so hard to believe about that? I am the creator right?
ME- Well yes, but…so…you just created Santa Claus out of thin air and sent him down to us?
GOD- Well, I don’t know about the “thin” part, but in general, yes.
ME – Wow… Really? Why?
GOD – Good question kiddo, well, let’s just say he was a Christmas present.
SANTA- Yes, I’m the original Christmas present, pretty red wrapping paper and all!
ME- Oh my God? Can this be true?
GOD- Yes it’s true my son and you will be the one that helps humanity to…
to finally connect the dots and figuring this thing out.

ME- What do you mean, “help humanity to finally figuring it out?”
SANTA- Well, it’s been such a long time and we have given you guys so many clues.
Tell you the truth, we thought that you guys would have figured it out long ago?
GOD – So, now the time has come and we are just going to tell you.

ME- Figured what out by now? So many clues? What clues?
GOD- Well, the whole Santa and Christmas thing, it is so full of clues.
ME- Like what?
GOD- First off, what do you think Santa Claus looks like?
ME- Well, he’s an older man with a white beard.
SANTA- And what do you image your GOD looks like?
ME- I image God to be…a…a older white-bearded man too.. but not so…so heavy.
SANTA- Are you saying that I’m fat?
ME- Well um…It’s just that.
SANTA- Ho Ho Ho, don’t sweat it kid, you see, I am fat. And don’t worry, I will still bring you presents…
I don’t get offended as easily as you all think I do.
GOD- and by the way my boy, for the record, I don’t get offended either.

ME- Wow, this is all so…
GOD – So what?
ME – So weird, I’m mean, I’m having a conversation with God and Santa Claus.
SANTA – Sorry if you are uncomfortable, do you want us to leave?
ME- No, no… you can stay.
GOD – Oh good, because I do get offended a little bit when I get kicked out of places.

SANTA – So, are you ready for more of the clues? Or as we call them, the Claus Clues.. Ho Ho Ho.
ME- Yes, tell me some more of these so-called Claus Clues.

GOD- Ok, here’s a good one. What day of the year does Santa Claus do his thing?
ME- On December 25th, of course.
GOD- Is this date… meaningful in any other way?
ME- Ah come on, you know, that’s the day Jesus was born.
GOD- Yes, right, that is my point exactly! You see, I could have had him come on any of the other 365 days of the year, but it just so happened that I picked that day? Isn’t that an interesting 1 in 365 kinda coincidence?
ME – Huh?

SANTA- Ok, here’s another one, where do I live?
ME- At the North Pole, of course.
SANTA- And what do you know about the North Pole?
ME- Well, I don’t know much about it, it’s a mystical place far, far away.
GOD- Have you ever been there?
ME- No one has ever been there, as far as I know.
SANTA- Ho Ho Ho, do you see how the clues begin to tie together now?
ME – What? What is tying together now?
GOD- Can’t you see, there is this old white bearded white man who kinda looks like God, only fatter,
who does his thing on Jesus’s birthday and who lives in this far away mystical place that no human can go to.

ME- Oh, I think I get it. The North Pole is kinda like Heaven.

GOD- Exactly, but no one has ever been there because it and
many other wonderful things exist outside of your known
physical world. I couldn’t come right out and say that
Santa Claus lived with me in Heaven, so I borrowed a few of the
ideas that you have about Heaven and Hell and created a home for Santa.

ME- Hey, this is getting more interesting now, keep going.
SANTA- Ya keep going God, Ho Ho Ho, they are finally going to get it.
GOD – So since you imagined Hell to be so hot, we thought Santa should live in a cold place.
That’s why we put his place on the North Pole. Then, to add another clue, we took your idea of heavenly angels,
Then we took away their wings and harps, gave them pointy ears and toy making tools and called them elves.

SANTA – Ah, yes, when we created the elves and the grand castle, the wintery “heaven-like” setting was complete.
ME- This is amazing! The pieces are starting to fit together. Tell me more.
Oh wait, do you guys want a cookie or something?
GOD – I’m good thanks and the big red guy doesn’t need any either.

ME – Ok go on…
SANTA- Are you ready for the biggest and most important clue of all?
ME- Ya, is it Rudolph?
GOD – No, sorry, it is not Rudolph.
ME – Ok, whatever, tell me everything.
SANTA- We used another one of your “ideas” about God, to build my “Santa story.”
You think that God sits up in Heaven and watches your every move, so that he can more
accurately judge you on what you call “The Final Judgment Day.”

GOD – And so we put that in the story too. But instead of me judging you at the end of your life,
we made it so Santa would judge you on Christmas. It’s your annual, end of the year, “Judgment Day.”
ME – Wow…
SANTA – Ya, you know, the whole “he’s making a list, and checking it twice,” kind of thing.

ME – Ya, I get it, I get it. So do you keep a list? Do you watch us to see if we are being naughty or nice so that you can judge us and decide whether we deserve to get Christmas presents or not?

GOD -Another good question my son.
ME- Hey God, why do you keep calling me “kiddo,” “your boy” or “your son?”
GOD – You are a boy right?
ME- Yes, I’m a boy but…
GOD – Ah just kidding! I call you my son because you and all the other humans are my children. That’s why.

ME – Oh, that makes sense. Ok, sorry for asking.
GOD – That’s ok.
ME – Well, what should I call you?
GOD – God, God is good, I like that name.

ME- Ok, where were we? Oh ya, so do you?
SANTA – Do I what?
ME – Do you watch everyone? Do you watch me? Do you see me when I’m sleeping? Do you keep a list?
GOD – Why do you ask?
ME – Well, does it really matter to you if we are good or bad?
SANTA- Well, that depends.

ME- What do you mean, that depends?
SANTA- Well it depends on what you believe.
ME – Augh, here comes that sappy “Do you believe” crap again.
GOD – No, I think this is different, listen up.

SANTA – You see, what you call God, is not the person you see there.
You created that version of God, in your image and likeness, based on what you were told
and what you believed about the God thing.

ME – Wait a minute, “the God thing?”
GOD – Stay with us, you’ll get it. You see, the same thing goes for what you call Santa Claus. He is not the person you
see here in front of you. You created this version of Santa based on what you were told and what you believed about the story we created called Santa Claus. This is why different cultures around the world have different versions of the Santa Claus character.
SANTA – You got it?
ME – Umm, ya I guess so. Go on.

SANTA – So, back to your question of keeping lists and whether or not we really care or if we judge you.
ME- Ya, what about that?
SANTA – Here is your answer. If you believe that we judge you, then we do, if you don’t then we don’t.
It really is that easy. It all depends on the idea you have about us.

ME- So you’re saying that what I think about you… is who you are to me?
SANTA – Yep, that is how it works.
GOD – You are much more powerful than you think, you are down-right magical in fact.
ME – Speaking of magic, Santa, how are you able to get presents around to every house in the world in just one night?

SANTA- We will get to that “delivering presents” question later. First, I want to make sure that you understand
how much power you have in this situation.
ME- Ok, tell me more.

SANTA – Here is a good example of your power, think about it this way. Remember back to Christmas when you were a kid, when you were about 6 years old.
GOD – Do you remember how you felt about Santa then?
ME – Yes, he was the greatest and most magical thing in the whole wide world.

SANTA – So now, am I that same Santa Claus that you thought I was back then?
ME- No, no you are not. In fact, you have changed quite a lot.
SANTA- OK, now wait a second, did I change… or did you change your mind about me, who really did the changing
ME- Wow, I did it, I changed you.

SANTA- Right again, you decide who I am to you and that idea can change many times in your life.
This is the way it works for everyone else too, they get to decide for themselves.
ME – Wow!
GOD- Yes wow, it is all a matter of what you believe and
you can change that personal point of view anytime you choose.
ME- So I get to decide who you are to me.
SANTA – Yes.

ME- So here is my next question, are you for real or not?

GOD- We are what you decide we are, to you. In this way, we are “make-believe” because you
literally “make us up” with your “beliefs.”

ME- Wait right there, so are you “for real” or “make believe?”
GOD- Are your beliefs real?
ME- Yes, they feel real.
GOD- Well then, we are “made real by your beliefs about us?”
ME- Wow, I’ve never thought of it that way.
GOD – Ya I know, that’s why we are here.

SANTA- Listen up, this might help too. If you only believe things you can verify with your physical senses,
Then you miss out on so much in life. There is so much more than you’re known physical world.
Look, here is a good example, is love for real?
ME- Yes, of course love is real.
SANTA- Ya, but you can’t see it or touch it so how do you know it is real?
ME- I can feel it.
SANTA- Exactly, it is a feeling, it is not a thing. So are feelings “for real?”

ME- Hey, I think I see where you are going with all this.
You guys are not “people” to be seen with our physical senses, except for tonight I guess,
But really you are the feelings I have about you. And that is why each person can have a different
idea about Santa and a different version and idea about God. Wow, this is really big stuff!

SANTA – Are you calling me fat again?
ME – Ho Ho Ho.

GOD- Alright, you got it! So then, are we “for real” or “make believe?”
ME- Both! You are both, I make you up with my beliefs and what I believe is real to me!
GOD- Exactly, so, all powerful kiddo, what do you believe about us?

ME- I choose to make you real with my beliefs about you. I feel both of you inside of my heart and that feeling is real.
SANTA- Ah yes! You’ve got it, you have felt the Presence of Christmas inside you! Ho Ho Ho!

ME- Ho ho hold it, I get it, you said “The Presence of Christmas,” I felt “The Christmas Presence,” I get it, presence, like presents, but different.
SANTA – What do you mean?

ME – The “presents,” the gifts you deliver are not just gifts in pretty boxes, rather it is a Christmas “Presence,” a way of being, a belief, a feeling beyond the physical world, a feeling in my heart.
SANTA – Ho ho ho…

ME – Christmas is a feeling to be shared, all the other stuff is just the cherry on top.
SANTA – Nice anology, can I use that one?
ME – Of course you can, WOW, this is great, this is the best Christmas ever!
GOD – Great, now you can go out and tell the others.
ME – Yes, I want to share this feeling, I want to be like Santa Claus and spread my
“Christmas Presence.”

SANTA- There you go, now you’re getting it, keep feeling like that and, with some practice, you might be able to
deliver your “Christmas Presence” to every house in world in just one night.
Ho, Ho, Ho!

ME- Ah, so that is how you can do it all in one night, that’s great! I can’t wait for Christmas to come!
GOD- You don’t have to wait for Christmas to share your Christmas “presence,”
let your “presence” be your loving gift to the world, every day, all year long.

ME- Thank you both so very much.
SANTA- Thanks for wishing for us.
ME- Ya, I did that too didn’t I?
GOD- Yes you did, thanks to you my son.

ME- Will I ever see you guys again?
GOD- Well, once again, that is up to you.
ME- I know, I know, I don’t need to see you,
I can just feel your presence and know you are there with me, in me and as me.

GOD- Now your talkin, just keep sharing the gift you are.
SANTA – Ho Ho Ho!
ME – Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you Santa, what does Ho Ho Ho mean?
SANTA – It means you’ve got it, that you feel the Christmas Presence, it is our little signal to each other.
ME – Got it, well then, Ho Ho Ho!

GOD- Ho Ho Ho, I think he’s got it!
SANTA – Yes he does, our work is done now, come on GOD, I’ll give you a ride home.

ME- And I heard them exclaim as they rode out of sight.
ALL- “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

ME- Wow, that was really weird, as quickly as they had arrived, they were gone again…but not really.
Ho Ho Ho…!

The Beginning…
(Mom! Come here! I gotta talk to you right away!)