My Passion, 14 Billion


More and more, month by month and now even day by day, I continue to focus on creating and delivering my message.  That means sharing it cleaner, clearer, and better.  And getting it out to more persons, more of the right persons who are ready to receive it, and helping powerfully furnish and support personal transformation.

Two new videos. First, sharing my message generally:

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Ask yourself ‘what is going on with our species, our planet? What has led us to the challenges we face.  The universe, as we know it, has been around for 14 billion years. Consider the matter. Try to grasp the size of that reality, the size of THAT wave! What are we up to as a species? What have we done to our planet?

We do not seem to understand what we have done to our planet. We do not get how we are tearing at the fabric of our planet:

The Oneness Sign with Peter Melton

The Oneness Sign with Peter Melton // Published on Jun 4, 2013

There is a fresh and powerful new feeling to the peace movement these days. We are working together better than we ever have, with the internet and other technologies helping us to connect, inform and empower at record speeds.

It is this “working together” and the “remembering that we are all connected” that is fueling this passionate growth of the movement. As we remember that we are all expressions of one life energy, we discover a deeper sense of peace. We realize that what we do to another, we are doing to ourselves and to our future and that actually, there is no “other.”

Above text continues at another webpage of mine, The Oneness Sign, “We are all in this Together!”