The basis of my perspective is that we are so much more than our human shell. We are like waves on a ocean. Actually, we are the ocean expressing as waves and the infinite part of us gets to feel it all. The wave part of us gets this illusion of separation and this trick of linear time.  I wrote a short fable about this a few years ago, I will read it to you in 6 minuteshere.


Well, after playing this game of hide and seek for so long, us humans are not calling “all ye all ye all come free” to the infinite part of us. We have given up on finding it, and now the infinite us is showing itself as everything, what a great cosmic joke we have played on ourselves.

We tricked ourselves into this illusion of linear time, for the treat of experiencing something other than the infinite no time loop. We created this illusion of separation and life and death temporary life, the urge to seek, to remember who we really are. Infinite energy, condensed and cleverly disguised in human form.