There are several things I love that I would qualify as muses.
First and foremost, I love to be an Uncle. I forgot to have kids of my own, but my siblings did really good in that department.
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Just to name a few, I also love the Wizard of Oz, and the passionate music of Meatloaf.

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The Muse of Our Current Situation

We are in a grad game of Trick or Treat, Hide and Seek.  This entire climate shift, covid pandemic, and systems collapse is our way of bringing an end to this illusion.

We tricked ourselves into this illusion of linear time, for the treat of experiencing something other than the infinite no time loop. We created this illusion of separation and life and death temporary life, the urge to seek, to remember who we really are.

Infinite energy, condensed and cleverly disguised in human form. In order for the human version to seek the infinite remembering, we had to hide it somewhere. So we hid the infinite part of us, in … Everything. Like the wave looking for the ocean, we hid it everywhere and the separate human us keeps looking for it, the ultimate game of hide and seek.

Well, after playing this game of hide and seek for so long, us humans are not calling “all ye all ye all come free” to the infinite part of us. We have given up on finding it, and now the infinite us is showing itself as everything, what a great cosmic joke we have played on ourselves.