Fables of Unity

I have enjoyed writing stories and poems since 7th Grade when I first learned about Haiku’s. My English teacher asked us to write 10 Haikus by the end of week. I wrote 73.

Late in my high school days, I really enjoyed writing lovey-dovey poetry to my first love. Several years later at a personal growth workshop, a full story was downloaded to me in the matter of a minute. It was a story about a boy who was raised by a family of eagles, I called it “Do you Believe.” (I still have not written it down)

In the later 90s I began attempting to explain our Western Holidays through short fables and I also enjoyed writing conversation style stories as you will see with Waves of Oneness, Adam and Eve and also The Christmas Presence.

These days, most of my writings fall under the banner of Fables of Unity where I attempt to explore through fables the mysterious world we live in. More recently I am exploring writing short articles as you will see with This Easter Moment and Humanity Graduates Together.  Enjoy… 

Waves of Oneness

Two Waves remembering they are ONE!  Video Fable, 10 mins, with Kendra and Nora!

Peter reads Waves of Oneness during World Unity Water Day! 


1.  Waves of Oneness
2.  The Secret of Halloween
3.  “The Secret of the Valentine Angel
4.  The Easter Angel
5.  The Christmas Presence
6.  Adam and Eve -A Divine Comedy
7.  Butterflies All Along
8.  Obituary of a Species
9.  Christmas is Cancelled

***Here is my recent article for Light on Light Magazine, August 2020

Co-Creating a New Kind of Peace  ~  THE UNITY SIGN  

There is a new sign of the times and it is called The Unity Sign!

It is an extension of the two-finger peace sign whereby the two fingers come together and down to land on your heart. Once there, you connect to the Unity Consciousness you are, before extending back out to the two-finger signal.

Peace in, Peace out! Inner Peace leads to Outer Peace. Peace thru Unity – The Unity Sign.

50 years ago, the two-finger peace sign went viral, it was a clear and easy anti-war statement, “I am against the war and I stand for peace.” Our Peace Movement has done many wonderful things and as we ZOOM forward to 2020 and we find ourselves in multiple global wars as we continue to make up reasons to fight with each other.  It is time to activate The Peace Movement 2.0 – Peace thru Unity!

In addition to all the “traditional wars” we are in, we are also in a war with our own earthly home.  We have done so much damage to our environment, to the delicate web of life, that we find ourselves in an existential crisis.  Many scientists agree that we are already in The Sixth Mass Extinction!  NOW! WOW!

We must change direction quickly or our systems will continue to break down and then collapse. In addition to the major threats to our way of life and our entire species, we are also threatening the natural world we live through and the lives of all our planet-mates too! HELLO HUMANS! WAKE UP!

We need a change of heart, a consciousness shift, we need to become The 100th Monkey, all of us light workers and emerging leaders must work together to turn this thing around! 


To help us remember, ASAP, we are co-creating a new kind of peace movement.  Actually, we are moving past the idea of two sides needing to get along, we are remembering that we are all one family, sharing one planet, and co-creating one shared future.  The Unity Sign can help us remember and remind others at the same time.  As we share the hand signal, we are saying, “I am doing my best to remember and from that ONE LOVE, from that UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, we can act together, peacefully on the planet.”

The COVID 19 pandemic is helping us realize that what we do really does affect others. And beyond that, we are living into The Golden Rule 2.0 which states–

“Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you,


Believe me, I did not enjoy writing the first part of this article AND, we must wake up and grow up fast if we are going to navigate our way through this mess we have created.

In my opinion, we must work together through all aspects of life to steer ourselves toward a new way of being alive on this planet.  We are shifting our lives, we are changing what we eat, we are shifting our relationship to the natural world, we are changing the way we do business, we are shifting our consumption and consumerism habits, changing the way we educate, the way we learn and ultimately, we are becoming a kinder more caring holistically oriented species.

AND, as we act quickly in this present moment, in a globally coordinated effort, we give ourselves the best chance to continue to love each other, our planet-mates and our Earthly home.  We are all dancing to the same beat, we are all notes in this ONE SONG, the UNI-Verse!

HEY Earthly Humans, Let’s Do This!

Peace thru Unity!  Love, Peter

The Great Oneness, cleverly disguised as Peter Melton, (wink, wink)

is a creative visionary, storyteller, author of “Fables of Unity” including his first release, “Waves of Oneness – two waves remembering they are one” and The Golden Rule 2.0

He is the founder of The Unity Sign and also the co-founder of the Zoom Transformational Portal at  www.TheConversation.cc (Currently convening “Conversations that Matter” EVERYDAY, Noon to Midnight PDT) He also does a pretty good Kermit the Frog impersonation.

Learn more at https://petermelton.com/unity-sign/

Or reach out directly to Peter.Melton3@gmail.com

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