Fables of Unity

I have enjoyed writing stories and poems since 7th Grade when I first learned about Haiku’s. My English teacher asked us to write 10 Haikus by the end of week. I wrote 73.

Late in my high school days, I really enjoyed writing lovey-dovey poetry to my first love.

Several years later at a personal growth workshop, a full story was downloaded to me in the matter of a minute. It was a story about a boy who was raised by a family of eagles, I called it “Do you Believe.” (I still have not written it down)

In the later 90s I began attempting to explain our Western Holidays through short fables and I also enjoyed writing conversation style stories as you will see with Waves of Oneness, Adam and Eve and also The Christmas Presence.

These days, most of my writings fall under the banner of Fables of Unity where I attempt to explore through fables the mysterious world we live in.

More recently I am exploring writing short articles as you will see with This Easter Moment and Humanity Graduates Together.  Enjoy…

1.  Waves of Oneness
2.  The Secret of Halloween
3.  “The Secret of the Valentine Angel
4.  The Easter Angel
5.  The Christmas Presence
6.  Adam and Eve -A Divine Comedy
7.  Butterflies All Along
8.  Obituary of a Species
9.  Christmas is Cancelled