What a wild ride we are on. Humanity has never been here before and so there are no experts on how to “be” during these turbulent times. I have spent a lot of time around many leaders in the fields of personal transformation, spiritual transformation, climate change, climate grief and enlightenment and that has helped me to shape my views and I would love to share that with you.

For me, the shifting climate and our unsustainable and collapsing way of living is a powerful call to remember who we really are. This includes remembering who we are beyond our humanity.

I love to help people remember who they really are.

Are we Human Beings hoping to have a spiritual experience (now or after we die)?

Or:  are we Spiritual Beings playing out this temporary human experience (later to remember that we were infinite love all along)?

When I dig into this question, I get a much larger perspective of life and that helps me navigate the challenging times and my fears about the unpredictable future.

I love to support people as they travel on their personal journey of remembering,
If I can help in any way, please drop me a line and we can brainstorm and heartstorm ideas for transformation.

Peter (aka Infinite Love, cleverly disguised)

ps- you too are Infinite Love, cleverly disguised