Climate and Spirit

How I got here…

Since the mid 90’s I have been on a journey to explore what spirituality means to me. That journey was greatly enhanced by reading the book “Conversations with God,” By Neale Donald Walsch. A few years after riding it I moved to Ashland Oregon and worked with him and his foundation from 2000 to 2005.

I was first alerted to the challenge of Climate Change with Al Gore’s 2006 Documentary “Inconvenient Truth.” That documentary spoke of probable major climate challenges around 2100 if we didn’t start making changes.

In 2013 I reconnected with the issue of climate change and came to realize that our climate was changing must faster than expected and that many self-reinforcing feedback loops were locked in and that we were already in a climate emergency. I learned that the increase in greenhouse gases, the melting ice caps, the warming and acidifying of the oceans, human overpopulation, overconsumption and many other factors were co-creating this emergency.

I studied the work of many scientists and ended up being drawn to the work of Dr. Guy McPherson. He is a Professor Emeritus of Natural Biology from the University of Arizona and has studied the related fields of nature, climate, habitat, forestry, species extinction and more. His research leads him to believe that there is no stopping this locomotion of industrial civilization and that means continued unraveling of the delicate web of life and many challenging changes to our way of life. His (previously seen as) bold projections are coming true and things are changing must faster than expected. This isn’t good for our unsustainable way of life and could very well lead to a severe collapse, soon.  You find his work amply, at Nature Bats Last, here.

This 2014 interview with Thom Hartmann gives you a good overview of how he connects the dots from many top scientists.

After this shocking research sank in, I began exploring how my spirituality felt about these changing times. If we are in for severe shifts, how does my spirituality tie in? Who am I and how will I show up during these frightening changes?

Below are a few videos and podcasts where I and others explore that topic.

Extinction Radio Episode 50 1st April 2016 Ist Anniversary Compilation. Starts at 209:03 Peter Melton – Conversation with Guy McPherson: What the End Looks Like (starts at 3:28:48. about 22 minutes long).