The Corona Quarantine helped me feel very present and creative. I have been writing alot.

I wrote a short and powerful piece called, “This Easter Moment” I shared it widely and it spread out from there. (see tab for writings on home page)

Currently working on several fables, some of my own and others in collaboration with others.

I have been active with Extinction Rebellion in Santa Cruz, CA. Here is a video of a flash mob, “disco-bedience” to Stayin Alive, I provide the spoken inspiration to the crowd.


Spoke at the Chico State, This Way to Sustainability Conference, the topic continues to be, Inner Resilience in Turbulant Times.  Here is the end of that talk, remembering that you ar the 14 Billion Year urging of the Universe.

Shared the Unity Hand Signal on stage with Marianne Williamson at Unity of Sacramento

Shared the Unity Hand Signal on stage with Rev. Deborah Johnson at Inner Light Ministries in Santa Cruz, CA


Spoke at the Chico State, This Way to Sustainability Conference, the topic continues to be, Inner Resilience in Turbulant Times.  Video


Moved back to Ashland, OR.  I had a very nice 7 months but then it was time to return to Watsonville to play Uncle to my first Great Neice, Keira Marki.

Spoke at the Chico State, This Way to Sustainability Conference, the topic continues to be, Inner Resilience in Turbulant Times.

Interviews with Jennifer Hynes on Extinction Radio and Deb Ozarko.


Oktoberfest again!

My relationship with Extinction Radio goes on.  Thanks to founder Mike Ferrigan and co-leader, Jennifer Hynes.

Met up again with Professor Emeritus, Dr. Guy McPherson, helping him facilitate in Northern California.

Decided to start my own website and to share my unique perspective about life and death and all that good stuff.

Appeared on TV Show, Immense Possibilities in Ashland, OR.

Spoke about inner resilience at the Chico State, This Way to Sustainability Conference.

“Christmas is Cancelled” story published in Ashland, OR newspaper:  Inner Peace: Santa cancels Christmass.


“Is Inner Peace a Trick or a Treat” published in Ashland, OR newspaper:  Inner Peace: Is inner peace a trick? Or a treat?

2015 Worked closely with Carolyn Baker, produced a Northern Cal speaking tour, was a co-presenter on the tour and co-host of a 5 week online symposium with her and Dean Walker called, “Living with Passion and Purpose in the face of Humanities Greatest Challenge.”


Worked closely with Guy McPherson and produced 3 speaking tours in Northern Cal and Southern Oregon. I was a co-presenter for many of these talks and helped to upgrade his website and video collection.

Guy & Peter Melton – Community Circle for Climate Reality Acceptance

Published on Dec 17, 2014
Guy and Peter Melton sit in circle with community members and share feelings about the predicament we are in at this time.

2011 – 2013

2013, Became aware of Abrupt Climate Change and the probability that these changes will likely lead to systems collapse in the near term and also bring the demise of many species, including us humans.

2013, Almost got married again, but no.  Moved back home with my folks, in the bedroom I grew up in, and assisted as my father’s health diminished. It was a powerful chapter and he passed in August 2015.

2013, Began my career as an Oktoberfest Host!

2012, I helped to write a song about “How Beautiful the World is
Thanks John Michael Sun on guitar and vocals.


Developed “Be the Ball” Golf Training program, in which you play without a golf ball, turns out the ball was the problem all along.


Wrote and created video fable for “Trick or Treat, The Secret of Halloween”


Moved to Chico, CA to be an uncle and worked in Marketing and PR with a leading stainless steel water bottle company, Klean Kanteen for 4 years.


Saw Inconvenient Truth and learned a lot about climate change and Life at the End of Empire.


Published my first book, Waves of Oneness.

2004 – 2005

2005 – Worked as a Marketing Agent helping authors promote their books and programs


Wrote and performed, “Adam and Eve” the divine comedy.


Became aware of Richard Heinberg/Peak Oil, and the idea of the Long Emergency/Howard Kunsler and thoughts of collapse from Michael Ruppert.


Got Married for 3 years and had a peaceful closure. Wrote “The Christmas Presence” Holiday Fable.


Moved to Ashland, OR to work with non-profit spiritual foundation, Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch. I had many roles, produced many events and was the lead for the teen program including an annual summer camp and online outreach.

1998 – 1999

1999 – Became an Universal Life Minister and performed my first of over a dozen ceremonies.


Spent 4 years as an event producer in the extreme sports and car show world in Orange County, CA.


Read the book Conversations with God, reframed my spiritual perspective and remembered that we are all one, and that yes, that includes me too.


Wrote my first few spirited children fables, under the heading, ‘Fables of Oneness’. ‘The Easter Angel’ and ‘The Secret of the Valentines Angel’.


Promotions manager for Michael Anthony Jones, Harley Davidson Motorcycle music and movie, Born to Ride. Motorcycle Music.

Starting back in 1994, while attending the Woodstock 25th Anniversary, I had a vision for a new peace sign, something that could inspire a new generation of peace makers.  The Oneness Sign was thus born.

1988 – 1993

1993, Introduced to experiential personal growth, realized I had stories to share.

1988, Became a Travel Agent for students through 1993

1986 – 1987

1987, Graduated with a degree in Communications with a minor in Marketing.


Became an Amway Distributor and learned about positive mental attitude

1983 – 1984

1984, Attended Cal State University, Chico. Started Interning at local TV station as a sports assistant

1981 – 1982

1982, Played Junior College Golf and Football

1977 – 1980

1980, Fell in love. Played on High School Golf Team and was the announcer at the Football, Basketball and Baseball games. Microphones will help you get attention.


Got some sense knocked into me, as me and my bike lost a battle against a car.

1973 -1975

1975, Became an over achieving writer, during a 7th grade assignment to write 5 Haiku poems, I wrote 100.

1967 – 1972

1972, My love for sports combined with my need for attention and my storytelling expertise, I began my career as a sportscaster.


Libra peacemaking skills established

1963 – 1965

1965, Middle child need for attention established


Born 1962 in Watsonville, CA (near Santa Cruz)