Butterflies All Along

Butterflies All Along

Once upon a timeless moment,

There was a caterpillar named Humana.

She didn’t know why, but she was covering herself in a cocoon.

She felt trapped by the suffocating atmosphere, she felt like she was dying.

This self-made cocoon was engulfing her and it didn’t feel very good at all.  She was very confused and she did not know why this was all happening.

She had heard from some of the wise ones, that from a grander perspective she was so much more than just a caterpillar.  They told her that she was actually a spiritual being having the temporary experience of being a caterpillar.  That all sounded nice, but she never really understood what it meant.

Humana felt like she was dying.   She wondered, could it be true that a grander spiritual energy was up to something? She wasn’t sure what to do and now the cocoon had completely surrounded her.  She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

That night, in her dreams, she saw amazing colors.  She felt like she was flying, way way up in the sky.  She experienced wonderful new feelings, more amazing then any feelings she had ever felt.

In the morning as she woke up, she felt the urge to bust out of the cocoon she had wrapped herself in.  As she started to climb out, she felt stronger than before, something had definitely changed.

She felt different.  She was feeling the special feelings like she had felt in her dreams. She opened her eyes to a new kind of light and she saw the bright colors she had dreamed about too.

As she looked at herself, she saw the transformation, not only did she see the bright colors, but she realized… that she WAS THE BRIGHT COLORS!

Something amazing and transformational had happened while she slept.  She felt so free… and then… She spread her new colorful wings… and then… she flew.

Flying high above the ground, Humana realized that her spiritual nature was in fact up to something. This was a very different life then what she had as a caterpillar. This could not have happened if she had not suffocated herself in the cocoon. That confusing time led to this experience of knowing herself in a brand new and glorious way, as a butterfly.

It wasn’t long before Humana was a grown butterfly and it was her turn to lay some butterfly eggs. She realized that those eggs would soon become baby caterpillars.  Then it all sank in, each of those babies would experience the same confusion and dying process that she did and that they too would someday know themselves as so much more than caterpillars.

Someday, they would know themselves as butterflies, who had cleverly disguised themselves as caterpillars for a short time.  They would also realize that they did it to themselves, for the thrill of the journey of remembering, that they were butterflies all along.

And we all live happy ever now.

By Peter Melton
Afterwords –

This fable was written in response to the possibility that rapid climate change could dramatically change our human life here on earth.  Many scientists believe that it is already a very big problem and that the conservative projections that we have another 100 years to fix it are way off base.

If we are heading for a climate related human emergency, this will force us to ponder who we are as humans and what may exist beyond our humanity.

It appears that this butterfly /caterpillar/ butterfly process can be closely related to our current human experience.  We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. (we are butterfly/spirit eggs that are cleverly disguised as caterpillars/humans for a short time) To some degree we think that our humanity is all we are, just as Humana thought that she was only a caterpillar.  Someday (now), we will create a world/cocoon that appears to be killing us.  Wise ones  will tell us that we are so much more than human.  Then, when we actually die, what we die to is our old understanding of who we thought we were.  And…When the time is right, we will emerge from that “death” as something so much more than we thought we were.

(ps. You don’t have to wait til you die, which is part of the reason you are reading this story)

We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.  We are so much more that we think we are. When we die, we will die to our limited experience of who we think we are.  Someday, when the timing is right, we too shall emerge from this “death” and we will remember that we are one infinite spiritual energy.  And we will remember that we cleverly disguised ourselves as humans for a short time.  We did this to ourselves, all for the thrill of the journey of remembering, that we were butterflies all along.


Regardless of how/when or if a climate emergency plays out, I think we can become greater representatives of humanity by daring to talk about our humanity and beyond. Enjoy.

As we all live and die happily ever after.


About the Author

I am a high flying, colorful beam of light, reminding you that you and I and everything else are the infinite energy of life, cleverly disguised as something else. All for the thrill of the journey of remembering… that we were butterflies all along.  This disguise is called Peter Melton, 51 year old single white male born in California, blah blah blah..

I can be reached through the sound of birds chirping, or waves crashing, or children laughing or in the bubbles of your favorite beverage. Or, at Peter.Melton3@gmail.com