Who am I?

Well, as described in the title area of site, in the grandest sense:
I am Infinite Love, cleverly disguised as Peter Melton.

Like a wave is a temporary expression of the grand ocean, Peter is a temporary expression of a timeless energy called love. I am that. You too are this infinite life expressing. We have tricked ourselves into believing that we are individual waves somehow separate from the ocean… Ha ha ah, silly species we turned out to be.

So we play out this game of life, hoping to remember that we are all in this together and that we set this all up for ourselves.

Peter In a Nutshell

My name is Peter Melton. I have a multi-faceted background that includes sports announcer and event MC, travel agent, party promoter, event producer, minister, spiritual counselor, author of spirited fables, song writer, leader of experiential workshops, funny guy, transformational coach, group leader and healer.

I am quick witted, creative, spontaneous, silly and wise. I can add a unique perspective to almost any situation. I love to take challenging topics and make them understandable and even enjoyable.

Tell us about this Ocean expression, this Peter Melton wave?

As a youngster we had a bunch of other kids in our neighborhood near Santa Cruz, CA. I enjoyed getting together with the gang, going on adventures, exploring the unknown and playing all sports.  I really enjoyed describing the sporting events as they were happening.  This helped to create a love for story-telling and a love for exploring the mysteries of life.

As a 1960’s era, Northern Cal, sensitive, funny, middle child, late to grow, Libra also developed a knack for keeping the peace in my family.  The problem was, sometimes, in order to show off my peace keeping skills, I had to stir up some non-peace, my deep sense of sarcasm helped here a lot.

As I look back now, at 53 and a half, I see how all these childhood joys manifested in my life as a so called “grown up.” (I also have a healthy dose of Peter Pan flying around in my system).

* * *

My first career was as a sports announcer from age 12-25.  I loved to have the microphone and tell the crowd what was happening. I got to call many games live, and also many for radio and even some for television. I was a Communications Major at Cal State University, Chico in 1987. After college, I continued to enjoy gathering people together as a party promoter, travel agent, event producer and whenever possible, the MC.

Then the explorer side kicked in. I became very involved in the personal growth industry as a promoter and leader of experiential workshops. Then the spiritual explorer arrived. I worked in Ashland, OR with best-selling spiritual author Neale Donald Walsch for over 5 years, with the man focus of helping teens explore their own spirituality.

Then my storyteller came out to play and I began writing spirited children’s fables. There I was again, attempting to explain challenging topics in a playful way. As the more spiritual me continued to blossom, I was asked to become a Registered Minister so I could do wedding ceremonies. Over the years I have led a dozen or so and that is a special honor.

Also during this time, I created a new peace sign hand signal, since the two finger version does not seem to be helping much. The Unity Sign (formerly called The Oneness Sign) helps me take my spiritual perspective and make it into a unifying force and inspired activism. I believe the core issue we need to remember, is that although we appear to be separate, we are in fact one family, living on one planet, co-creating one future.  Hence my  efforts to share the Unity Sign.

* * *

My next adventure was in the field of the environment and sustainability. I remember being very moved by the documentary, The Inconvenient Truth and I began learning more about the changes that were happening on our planet. Soon after, I found myself working for Klean Kanteen, the leading stainless steel water bottle company out of Chico,CA.  There was a lot of attention to sustainability and the environment with this company and I enjoyed helping people switch away from plastic bottles.

During this chapter, I also figured out the game of golf. I developed a golf training program called, “Be the Ball.’ I realized that the biggest problem with golf is that the ball does not go where you want it to. So clearly, the problem is the ball. I found out that when you play golf without the ball, it is so much more fun and thought provoking. You can watch a short video under Projects on the home page.

In my most recent chapter, I have been magnetized toward the topic of Climate Change and our future here on Earth. I have worked closely with climate scientists and grief counselors and some of the top thinkers on the topic of climate change.  I have been interviewed many times, I have lead webinars, interviewed leaders, co-hosted radio shows, produced speaking tours and much more.

* * *

Now the time has come for me to share my unique perspectives on life, climate change, spirituality, what it is to be human, who we can become in these zany times and whatever else I feel like sharing.

So there, that is a bit about Peter. I hope you enjoy your time on this website.