Adam and Eve -A Divine Comedy

Adam and Eve -A Divine Comedy
By Peter Melton

God – (male voice and female voice take turns)


The Room is dark-

Narrator- Once upon a time there was god.
God- Hi I’m god (male voice)
N- but it wasn’t an old white man in grey beard, it was
more of an unseen energy
G- Hi I’m God. (female voice) (male/female voices alternate throughout)
N- God was all of everything, everywhere all the time, the
all that is, all that was, all that will be energy of the
universe. One day, while god was outside, creating,
he cast this spell

G- abbra cadabra, I hope I get this right, 3,2,1 and let
there be light (lights come on)
Hey that was cool,
N- so for the next 5 days, God continued to create this new world

G- abra cadabra let there be oceans and rivers and plants
and mountains and a bunch of animals playing in this new
paradise. Ah this is so cool, look at it all.

N-After marveling at himself and his creation for a couple
of eternities,(or 5 days, whichever comes first) god felt
like creating a new kind of being, one who would preside
over all the rest.

G-I feel like creating a new kind of being, one who would
preside over all the rest, and since this is the sixth day
I’ve been working on this project, I will name him Adam.
(random humor, ha ah)

N- so then out of the all there was, god fashioned Adam.
(swirling sounds and poof Adam appears)
ADAM- what was that, holy shit, where am I, what am I?
who am I, where did I come what am I doing here?

G-its ok, just relax
ADAM- what was that? Who said that, this place is crazy
G-hi this is god,
AD- Jesus Christ, what’s going on here
G- slow down trigger, Jesus comes a little later
AD- god damn it, someone tell me what is going on here
G- OK Adam, easy boy, settle down, nice and slow now,
breathe in, .breathe out. Good . Like I said, I’m god
AD- and..what in the world is god,
G- I am the all that is energy of the universe
AD- (sarcastically) I’m the all that is energy of the
universe.. so flippin what, just tell me what the hell I’m doing here?
G- well, we will get to that too, but for now you see,
I’ve been creating this new world here, look at all the beautiful things I’ve made

AD- yea. so what
G- so .. I just created you to reside over all of this,
all of this is yours my boy
AD- hey let’s get one thing straight, I ain’t your boy, and
you ain’t my daddy
G- hmmm, this isn’t working out as smoothly as I had hoped,

AD- would you quit gabbing and just tell me, what’s up!
G- well I thought I created you in my image but I can’t
imagine where you would have gotten all this ..attitude –
must be from your father’s side. (female voice)
Anyway. I created you and everything you see, ain’t it cool?
AD-yea, it’s alright I guess, but how did you do it, how did
you make me?
G- well I just scooped up some of this all that is, then I
imagined you and poof, there you were

AD-OK, I’m catching on, you made me and all this stuff
right out of thin air and your imagination
G- that’s right
AD- yea right, like anyone’s gonna believe that.
G- is that so hard to believe

AD- damn right it is, I can just imagine myself telling
some of the guys at work,
So there I was, hanging out minding my own business when all
of a sudden this god guy or chick I cant even tell which,
creates me with all theses floppy things (his arms and legs wiggle around)
and with this fur all over, and he did it with his imagination and some all that is stuff,
oh yea, the boys at the lumber yard will fall for that one..
I might as well tell them that I monkeys can fly
G- monkeys cant fly
AD- that’s my point, duh. god your dumb

Narrator- by this time god was getting a little peeved, so.

G- ok Adam, that does it, first you make fun of my world,
that I created for you! and now your making fun of my all
powerful creative nature.. ill show you…
I poof your mouth shut and your body stiff,
(god poofs Adam and his mouth is shut and his body frozen in place)
there, that will teach you.

G- Now will you just listen to me.
(Adam squirming in his frozen-ness)
ah .. I just can’t see you like that, I’ll let you out but please
listen to me, ok? Ok?
Opps, I guess he can’t say anything
I Poof you back
(Adam returns to normal)
AD- dude, that sucks, ahhhh, don’t do that anymore
G- ok , Adam I’m sorry
AD- you better be, that was mean
G- I’m sorry, Adam will you forgive me?
AD- I guess so, but you’ve gotta promise not to do that again
G- do you promise to be nicer to me?
AD- I promise if you promise
G- ok I will
AD- promise?
G- yes I promise
AD- do you swear?
G- NO, I NEVER SWEAR, but I do promise not to freeze you. ..
now will you just listen to me..OK

AD- ok… hey what does ok mean?
G- its short for oaky doaky
AD- ok
G- are you ready now?

AD- yes, whatever, let’s get on with this, I have things to
do, places to go, people to see…, I think.
Hey were all the other people?
G- that is what I’ve been wanting to talk to you about
AD- ok then go ahead, on with the show as they say

G-I think this will help, after I show you how to create
stuff, you will understand better
AD- ok, thank you god, I’ll be a good boy now
G- your very welcome, now as I was..

AD- (Adam has a big loud sneeze) what in the hell was that?
G- I blessed you
AD- you blessed me.. with that, why don’t you just stick a
needle in my eye or something
G- that is called a sneeze, it is your body releasing
things it doesn’t need, I put that in as a default mechanism.

AD- It’s hard to settle down when you do stuff like that to me.. ah.. that was weird.
G- I thought you were settling down, I thought you wanted
to know how to create stuff
AD- that’s scary, You said you would’nt do any more crazy shit,
I’m not sure I can trust you
G- I’m going to freeze you again before you get violent
(God freezes Adam again)
G- wow, this is going to be a lot harder than I imagined.
Ok.. I can do this..
(God unfreezes Adam)
AD – ah..damn it, you froze me again, you promised that you would not do that..
You broke your promise!

G- oh Adam, I am still learning about all this creation stuff,
please forgive me, come on, forgiveness is a very special gift
AD- oaky doaky god, I forgive you, what does forgiving mean?

G-thank you Adam, we will get to the forgiveness part later.
I promise, I will explain it all slowly and simply, just
stay with me here it will all make sense by the time I’m done.
AD- ok god, hey do you have a name? I mean other than god?
Mr. god, miss god, what are you anyway.
G- do you have to ask so many questions, this is going to
take forever.. I thought you had places to go and people to see
AD- yea, where are all the people

G- that is what I have been trying to tell you, the other
people, you get to create them

AD- I get to create people? Now were talkin, I can get into
that, how do I do it
G- (smiling) hmmm where do I begin.
ok, here goes everything, I was playing one day and I
wanted to make a whole new world, So I grabbed some “all that is,”
Energy of the universe, then I started imaging things and they started appearing.

Everything you see, was created from my imagination and brought to form with this energy.

Then after I marveled at all this natural beauty, I decided I wanted to create a
leader of this world, a being that I could give special
powers to rule over all other beings.
So I scooped up some all that is, stretched my imagination
and poof, there you were,. now wait, before you go rattling
off all your sarcasm, I know this sounds crazy, but just go
with me for a sec here.

AD- ok god, I’m going with you, please continue, this is
actually starting to make sense
G- oh good
AD- I was kidding…

G- well then listen close, do you want to learn how to create or not?
AD- yes I do, let’s do it, but wait..
G- more questions??
AD – Yes, what are you made of, and where are you?
I can’t see you, do you look like me?
G- I am made of everything, you are made of everything,
what you call you took form like that, the tree took form
like it did, etc, you see, everything is the same stuff in
individual form, I am that all that is energy too..
everything is god being god and that includes you.
AD- I get it, so I am this energy.. I am you in this individual form.
G- Exactly, you are so wise.
AD-Thank you, I am everything, therefore I must be wise
G-Good point.
AD- so you made all this other stuff too?
G- I created this paradise, the mountains the oceans all
the animals and this garden, look at them all
AD- you know, when you look at it, it really is quite
amazing, So can I make stuff too?

G- Of course, you can do anything, remember you are me. Go ahead
G-look around, think about what else you would like to have here.
Imagine it, scoop up some “all that is” and the new thing will manifest for you

NARRATOR- Adam looked around for a while. He saw all the animals of the world and
decided that none of them were the right companion so Adam decided to create a friend for himself,

AD- so God, I want to create a partner for me. Kinda like me and kinda not, if you know what I mean?
G- I think so
AD-will you help me?
G- sure, just gather up some of this “all that is” stuff ,
now imagine this partner, picture it in your mind, and then
decide to bring forth another individual form, that is how it is done.
AD-OK here goes. poof

(Eve appears)
EVE- holy shit! Where am I, what am I, who am I,
(she turns to Adam)
EVE- ah! .. Who are you..
AD- Hi there, it’s ok, take it easy
E- take what easy, who are you, where am I?
AD – I’m Adam, I created you
E- what?
AD- (slow and loud) OK, my is. Adam,.. I …cre..ated. you,
me ..Adam… you… Eve
E- well, you don’t have to get all sarcastic, I just asked a simple question
AD- ok

E – why you say OK all the time?
AD – It’s a new word for me, I just learned it, it means Oaky Dokey.

E- whatever.. and what did you call me.., Eve?
AD- yea, I’m Adam and your Eve, just like in the Bible story
E- what Bible story?
AD- never mind, I said my name is Adam, your name is Eve,
I just created you, you are my first creation, you see God
made me and now I made you.

E- this is weird, what did you make me out of, were there
just a bunch of extra body parts lying around?
AD- no it wasn’t like that at all,
E – Am I some kind of Frankenstein girl?
AD – No, it wasn’t like that.. God showed me how to
create you, I just scooped up some of this “all that is”
stuff and imagined you into being.
E- So who is this God character?

AD-God is….kinda… hard to explain
E- well where is it?
AD- well….God is everywhere,
E – ok, what is it made of?
AD- God is made of “all that is”, it is everything being itself,
Everything is God in individual form, so God is you being you and me being me and the tree being a tree.

E-Cool, I get it,
AD- you do?
E- ya, God is “all that is” and this “all that is energy” takes on individual forms,
So everything is God and God is everything.

AD- Exactly, wow you catch on quickly
E- well it all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?
AD- well, I don’t know, it was all pretty confusing to me

E- so let’s move on said that this God talks to you? Where is she, what does she sound like?
AD- what makes you think he’s a she..
E- Just a hunch, well, is it a he or a she?
AD- ah..hmm, it is both I guess.
E- where is it?
AD- it’s around here somewhere.. hey God.. you here?

GOD- Hellooo eve,
EVE -What was that?
AD- That is god
E- that was god, where is it?
G- I’m here there and I’m everywhere
E- That doesn’t help..

G- you see I am everything, everywhere, all the time just
look around, it is all good and it’s all god
E- does that include us too?
G- well are you part of everything? Or are you somehow
beyond the everything?
E- well, since you put it that way, yes I am part of the everything

G- then yes, you are god expressing as Eve
AD- do you get it eve?
E- yea, this is pretty cool,

G- and I have created this paradise for you, I hope you like it
E- Ah yes, it is all so beautiful, who did the colors?
G- I did it all

AD- then he showed me how to do it, and I created you, Eve, to be my partner
E- well thank you Adam, but what do you mean when you say, I’m your partner?
AD- I created you to be my companion, my partner, my mate
E- do I have a say in any of this partner/mate stuff?
AD- ah..well,.. no
E- why not, you don’t own me
AD- well there are only the two of us here.

E- hmmmm there are only two of us.. where are all the other people?
talk about shotgun wedding, I guess you’ll do
AD- cool, ok God, now what?
G- by the power vested in me, by me, I pronounce you.. man and woman,
be fruitful and multiply in this garden of Eden
AD- thank you so much God
E- yes, thank you God,

G- You’re both very welcome, now go, enjoy yourselves.
AD- Oh we well. Let’s go Eve, this will be fun.. places to go, things to see..
(Adam and Eve begin to run off)

G-(frantic) hey wait! Adam and eve! stop stop, hang on a second
AD- what is it God? We wanna get going
G-woosh, I can’t believe I almost forgot this part, there is one more very important thing I must tell you about.
E- what is it?
G- Do you see that one tree over there.
AD- Yes, what about it.

G- It is called the tree of “the knowledge of good and evil”
E- What is good and evil?
G- it is a new think I’m trying out,
AD- well.. What is it,
G- It is hard to explain, hmmm. It’s like a new and
different feeling inside you. How you feel now would be
called good and the other feeling would be different, the
opposite of good, or what I call evil.
AD- What do you mean by feelings? What are these feelings things
E- I’ve got this part Adam

AD- I’m lost
E- so God, if I’m hearing you right, there is a different way to feel?
And it won’t be as pleasant as the way we are currently feeling, is that right?
G- Yes, but only if you choose for it to be that way.
If you choose to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
then you will feel both good and not good or evil feelings, and things will be..
Let’s say.. different.

E- How will they be different?
G- Well first off, you will forget that we even had this talk, you will forget everything
that happened today.
AD- I won’t remember that all this just happened? Wow, that is a powerful spell.
Remember you promised that you weren’t going to freeze me anymore..
G- I remember, and I won’t freeze you..
AD- but you will make me forget the way you created me, explained it all to me,
and then taught me how to create Eve. You will make me forget all this?

G- I will not make you do that, you will choose to do it or not.
AD- if we eat from the tree this forgetting will happen, but will you still be there with us?
G- oh yes, I will always be with you..but you won’t remember me this way, you won’t
remember any of this.
You will feel separate from me and separate from all that is,
you will even feel separate from Eve and the plants and animals too.
E- Wow, that forgetting is powerful stuff
G- Yes it is.
E-Why would you create a tree whose fruit caused that to happen?
G- Ah, that is a great question my friend, a great question.
E- And… well… what is your answer?

G- I created the tree and the idea of good and evil,
because I wanted for you to have free will, to get to decide for
yourself how you wish to experience your life and what kind
of world you desire for yourself and your future
creations, the people you will create together, the beings
we will call your children.
E- we get to create more things? How do we do that?
G- Adam will show you
E- and what are these “children things you speak of?”
G- Well, just like I created Adam from the all that is,
I showed Adam and he created you from the all that is. Now,
the two of you will create together, you will create very
small people and you will assist them as they travel on
their own adventure.

E- how will we do that?
G- actually.. the child will grew in your belly Eve
E- in my belly, what, are you crazy? There is no room in
there,.. he’s got the big belly,.. let him grow the baby
G- carrying the baby is a gift we gave to you Eve,
E- well thanks .. I guess.. so how will that work anyway?

G- you’ll have to trust me on this one, when the time is
right, you two will figure out what to do, and your body will take care of the rest.
AD- Well this all sounds good to me, we get to continue to be creators right?
E- yea I bet it sounds good to you, you don’t have some thing growing inside you,
and hey, how does it come out? Oh my god, where does it come out!
AD- don’t worry Eve, it will all be ok
G- yes Eve, it will all be ok you can trust me

E- sounds kinda scary to me
G- have faith my girl, this and more shall you do, you both
will always be creating not just babies but everything in your world
AD- so it’s like you set up this free will game and we get to continue creating stuff as we play the game.
G- That is it exactly, you get to play the game of life and I get to
experience everything you create and everything you experience.

AD- so you will be with us?
G- YES, this is the greatest thrill for me, I get to watch you and see what you choose to create.
Just like with Eve, you choose to create something and now I get to experience your creation.

E- you experience everything?
G- everything

AD- OK, I think we got it, can we go now?
G- One last thing.. if you eat, and forget, then you won’t
remember any of this. Then you will make up all kinds of crazy ideas about who you are
and where you came from and you will even make up some very interesting
stories about who I am.
AD- Ok, got it, Eve, make a note of that, the forgetting thing would be challenging.
E – got it.
AD – Ok God, talk to you later.. can we go play now?
G- Yes my children, go forth, be fruitful and multiply and
remember that I love you, I will always love you.

Narrator- So Adam and Eve went off to enjoy their day. They loved
their paradise and their new found companionship. They loved all the
animals too, they played with them, they smelled the flowers
and they had a great time.
Just then a small serpent came up to them.

SERPENT- hey you two, down here.. have we met?
AD- no, I don’t think so, we are new here
S- well welcome, I’m a serpent, my friends call me D.
AD- hi D, I’m Adam and this is my.. Business Partner … her name is Eve.
S- well it’s nice to meet you, do you like it here?
E- ah yes, it is so beautiful, the plants, the flowers and
the smells, I just love them all.
AD- and then there are all the different animals.. and the
trees are incredible, everything is just perfect here.
S- speaking of trees, take a look at that one.. I’d give
anything to have some fruit from that tree

E- OH… God told us about that tree, we should be very careful
S- Did God say you couldn’t eat from it?
AD- No, God just said that if we choose to eat from it, we
would have the knowledge of good and evil
and we would forget everything we learned today.
E- He said that we would feel differently and that
everything would change.

S- Well there must be some good part about it, otherwise, why would he put it here?
AD- God did say, to be fruitful, do you think God meant to
go ahead and eat some fruit? And didn’t she call it the Garden of Eating
E- I think he said Eden.
AD- Whatever.

S- God wouldn’t do anything to harm you would he?
E- no, god loves us, she told us that she would always love us.
S- then he wouldn’t set you up to be harmed, would he ?

AD- No, definitely not, God did say that we get to choose,
that she set up this free will game, we choose and she gets to
watch how we choose to play it.
E- and God said we might forget about him too.
S-ah, you could never forget about god, he is everywhere all the time
E- yea that’s true, there would be no way to forget … the everything.

S- So let’s eat. I’m stared
AD- I don’t know about this…
S- Well… would you at least pick one for me? As you can
see, I’m “fruit picking challenged” and can’t get one for myself.

E- Hmm. I guess we could pick one for you.
S- Yea you can, did God say that a serpent couldn’t eat from the tree?
E- No, he didn’t say anything about that.
S- OK then, Adam, pick me one would ya? what do you think?

AD- I’m still not sure about this tree and this whole good and evil thing
(Adam breaks from the play to speak to audience, )
hmmm. Very interesting situation, I’m still not too sure
about this eating the fruit thing,
all this good/evil stuff has me confused, what if God gets
mad at us, he might never want to see us again, he might
never forgive us, he might create a fiery hell for us to
burn in forever,
hmmmm. .
what would Jesus do?
(Adam returns to the play)
AD- I’m still not sure, this good and evil thing has me confused.

S- well, does god have the knowledge of good and evil?
AD-yes I think so
S- Then if you knew of good of evil, you would be more like
god, right?
AD- well yea, you have a good point there
S- And being more like god, that’s a good thing right?
AD- well yea, I want to be more like god, let’s eat some!
But you go first D
E-I’ll pick one for you, here you go
S- thank you eve, let’s see what’s so special about this fruit

AD- yea, god didn’t say anything about the animals eating
from this tree
E- here you go D, try it..
S- (biting into the fruit) hmmm. (eyes open wide) hey,,
this is good, this is great
AD- do you feel any different than before?
S- I feel great, I feel more alive than ever before
E- I want to try it
AD- ah, eve, wait (as eve takes a bite)
S- isn’t it great?
E- (eyes opening wide) ahh, my god, this is great
AD- eve, do you feel any different? (eve is glowing)
E- I feel .(singing: I feel good.. da na na na na, I knew
that I would now)
AD- eve, im serious, answer me, ah just give me that.
(Adam takes a bite)

E- hey, I’m starting to feel funny
AD- (Adam spits out his apple) ah don’t tell me that now!
E- (eve turns around to see the serpent, she has forgotten)
ahhhhh a snake
AD- what is it eve
E- a snake, a snake, kill it
AD- but that’s D.
E- who’s D, that is a scary snake..kill it right now!
AD – (begins to forget) ah. that is a snake, run eve run
(they run for a moment or two)
E- where are we? (looking down) And why are we naked?
E-This must be the new feelings god told us we were going
to have,
AD- ah, (looking down)we are naked – quick let’s get some
leaves and cover ourselves up.
E- do you think god will be mad at us?
AD- I don’t know, we did eat from that tree
E- ahhhh! did you hear that? I heard something, it might be
god, hide.

G- hello Adam.Adam? Where are you?
E- ah, it is god, ..Adam, go talk to him
AD- why me?
E- because he called for you, and I have to find us some
AD- ok, ill go…hey god,
G- hi Adam, what are you doing?
AD- ah just hiding out, I mean hangin out, how about you?
G- just checking in to see how things are going ?
AD- ah, yea, fine, everything is just fine
G- and eve, how is she?
AD- she is good, yea she’s good, she is out looking around,
for plants, leaves, yea she is shopping around for some
G- so what do you like best so far?
AD- well, we’ve met some nice animals
G- how about the food, do you like the food?
AD- yea speaking of that, ummm..we ummm.
The serpent ate from that tree you told us about, is that
G- yea that is fine, did you try any?
AD- ah.eve did..
G- and?
AD- and I did too? Is that ok?
G- like I said Adam, it is all up to you, you get to
AD- are you mad at us?
G- why would I be mad?
AD- I don’t know, eve thought you might be mad
G- ah, you are both already starting to forget who you are.
AD- yea, you weren’t kidding about that tree, it changed
eve is acting all funny, and I am starting to feel things
G- Yes, this is the change I told you about, do you like

AD- I don’t know, it’s weird, like with Eve, she got all
scared by this snake, ok.. I got scared too
and look at me, I’m naked, what is happening?
G- you are beginning to forget
AD-to forget what?
G- you are beginning to forget our connection
AD- yea, I feel like we are separating? Why are you going
G-I’m not going anywhere, we are Apart of each other, not
apart from each other
AD-Oh, so even though I feel like we are separate but we
are really still together
G-Yes that is it
AD-So you are still with me and Eve as we start this new
way of life
G-Yes, I live through you both and I will live through all
your descendants, through your experience, you allow me to
experience all I have created in a myriad of different
ways, and every child that is born will be unique and will
thus create a new way for me to experience this magnificent
paradise we have created.
AD-Ah, But what about that serpent snake thing?
G-what about her?
AD- what will happen to her? I mean she ate some too
G- I must admit something there, you see, I sent her to
meet you,
AD- she was in on your plan?
G- yes, she was in on it too, I sent her there to help you
AD- wow,
G- but even if you had not chosen to eat the fruit today,
you would have chosen to eat it eventually, because you are
creative explorers by nature, remember, I made you like me
and that is how I am
AD-So you set this all up, and it didn’t really matter if
we ate the fruit or not, you knew that we would eventually
eat it and that we would enter this new world,

G-Yes, you got it, it didn’t matter to me, nothing matters
to me, I need nothing to be happy,

AD- you need nothing to be happy?
G- I am everything, I get to experience everything through
everyone all the time. What would I need beyond that?
AD- good point – so, where do we go from here?
G-The ball is in your court now, you get to decide what we
do next
AD-What we do next? What do you mean we?
G-ah you are forgetting even more – I better hurry,
remember I live in you, with you and through you, this is a
we thing!
AD-So if you are always with me, I have nothing to fear
G-That is correct although you may not always be able to
remember this
AD-Why not,
G- Ever since you ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and
evil, you began to forget who you really are, you will
continue to forget, you will forget that we had this
conversation, you will forget your eternal connection with
G-because he purpose of this free will creation game called
life is for you to create and experience whatever you want
and it is my greatest joy to experience it all with all of

AD- you experience all of it?
G-Yes you and I are one in the same, we just appear to be
separate, remember.
You are forgetting faster now, I better finish,
AD-Yes hurry this is confusing
G-in this game, I get to experience all the beauty and
wonder of the life you create
And your part is to create, experience and remember that we
are one,
that you are me, individualized for the purpose of
You are the eyes and ears and hands and heart of god
AD-So I’m going to forget all this and then I will live my
life with the purpose of remembering it.? That sounds
silly, why not just stay here and always remember it?
G-Ah, been there and done that, many times, Adam, now it is
time for a new game
AD-Ok, guess I will have to trust you on this one.
G-I’ve got a hunch that this journey of remembering will be
quite a thrill for us all.
AD-So what next?
G-Go, find eve, be fruitful and multiply our experience.
AD-Fruitful, I get it, very funny
G-Yes, have fun with your life, enjoy yourself, laugh alot

AD-Ok I will, .and god, will we still talk to each other?
G-If you choose for us to, we will, remember your in
charge, you get to decide from now on
AD-I hope I remember that part, I would miss you, us
G-I hope you remember too.

AD-Eve! EVE, where are you?
E- Yes Adam, I’m over here
AD-Eve, I’ve been talking to god and .
E-Yes, what did he say, is he mad? Come on tell me!
AD-umm. He said.. She was talking about..dang, It is on the
tip of my tongue,
E- come on Adam, what did he say!, this is important
AD- he said. ah, I can’t remember now, hmmm that’s strange,
it was so clear a minute ago

E- Adam, get with it, how could you forget so easily?
AD- I don’t remember how I could forget
E- ah, your hopeless
AD- ah, were naked, where are the leaves,
Come on hurry, I think god is mad with us!
E- ah, we better start praying, do you think god will
forgive us?
(as they walk away)

God and serpent-

S- Well, that turned out ok didn’t it
G- yea, feels good to me
S- so, ..can I have my arms and legs back now?
G- oh sure, I’m sorry about that
S- ah it worked perfectly, the old “can you pick one for
me,” line, you were so right they fell for the that and
the “I’m kinda challenged in the fruit picking department” line..ha ha
G- yea that was a good one,
S- so who won your little game?
G- well it isn’t over yet
S- that’s right it isn’t never over til it’s over, and it
isn’t over till the fat lady sings,
Speaking of ladies, Eve wasn’t fat, Damn good looking if
you ask me
G- stop that or I’ll take your arms and legs away again
S- ok, I’ll be good, so how does the game end? I mean to
Adam and Eve, do they know it is a game?
G- they have forgotten that and now they have begun the
process of remembering
S- will they enjoy this process?
G- that is up to them now.
S- well it looks like this will be a very interesting game to watch.
How long will it go on?
G- forever
S- Forever.. hmm.. Well then, it promises to be an interesting eternity

G-you know, with that whole fruit deal in the garden, they will make
you into the bad guy –
and blame it all on you, D the evil one.
S-Yea they probably will, but you put them up to all this,
they will make you into an angry god that is mad at them.
G- yeap, they probably will.

S- So who wins and how does the game end?
G- the game is broken into an infinite number of moments,
And in every moment a player can “win”
S- I’m liking this, go on
G- a player can win, by remembering that it is only a game.
You see, when they remember that it is only a game, they
will love themselves for
just playing it, for just being themselves,
S- ah, I love it, that’s great, where do you come up with
these games?
G- ah, wait, there is more, with this game, everyone wins,
because there is no way to lose
S- oh, that’s great, but will they ever figure that out?
Will they ever remember?

G- yes, they will remember., they always remember.

N- The beginning.