Peter Melton (AKA Infinite Love.. cleverly disguised).
Enjoying the thrill of the journey of remembering and
Sharing joyous ideas about life and so much more!

Who am I?

Well, as described in the title area of my bio, in the grandest sense:
I am Infinite Love, cleverly disguised as Peter Melton.

Like a wave is a temporary expression of the grand ocean, Peter is a temporary expression of a timeless energy called love. I am that. You too are this infinite life expressing. We have tricked ourselves into believing that we are individual waves somehow separate from the ocean… Ha ha ah, silly species we turned out to be.

So we play out this game of life, hoping to remember that we are all in this together and that we set this all up for ourselves.

I talk about this Ocean expression, this Peter Melton wave, under Bio, here.


After hearing about and exploring this concept of near term human extinction, (thanks and no thanks to Guy McPherson) I began pondering the grander meaning of our humanity. How am I supposed to feel about the possibility that I was part of ending humanity and zillions of other species too? How will others feel when they get this news?

As an eternal optimist and spiritual explorer, I felt that there had to be a bigger story playing out. One thing for sure, I didn’t want to hang out in that guilty doomsday feeling I felt, so I began to look for a way to make sense of it all. From the human perspective, this really sucks, period. But what is the spiritual perspective of this human extinction event?

It was there that I found some relief. Could it really be true, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience? I have heard and quoted that many times, but this is where the rubber meets the road.

Can I accept that I am, and all my fellow humans are, actually, spiritual beings having a temporary human experience? And that to the same point, all plants and animals are too?

Could it be that all of it is one grand and temporary spiritual experiment? That somewhere over the rainbow there are some zany spiritual scientist mixing the stuff of life together in a test tube to see what happens?

If so, did they leave any clues? Where in nature does anything bizarre like this happen? That is when it hit me. The caterpillars and butterflies, perhaps we are playing out the butterfly/caterpillar/butterfly story.

It makes more sense than any other “guilt free” idea I had heard of or thought of, so I wrote it up as a little fable. I like it, I hope you enjoy it too and it’s ok if you don’t…

Here is the link to the Butterflies All Along fable.

Beforewords (the opposite of Afterwords–how this all came about:)

I am a high flying, colorful beam of light, reminding you that you and I and everything else are the infinite energy of life, cleverly disguised as something else. All for the thrill of the journey of remembering… that we were butterflies all along. This disguise is called Peter Melton, 57 year old single white male born in California, blah blah blah…

Pioneer, explorer, storyteller, entertainer, comedian, singer, coach, counselor, guide, spirituality, sexuality, fun factor, event planner, sales and marketing, promotions, education, sports announcer, sports fan, golf training developer, Master of Ceremonies, minister, celebrate, experiential workshop guide, guru, shaman, renaissance man, lover, uncle, gypsy, writer, author, songwriter, infinite jester, transformational thinker, joy experiencer, play, games, game creator, party planner, spiritual explorer, wisdom sharer, smiling inhale, butterfly eyes, infinite patience, infinite wisdom, infinite loving heart, soul who in this heaven do you think you are? (species?) healer, sage, lover of funny and parody music.

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