Infinite Love, Cleverly Disguised

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Welcome to Peter — Infinite Love, cleverly disguised.

If this is your first visit, I invite you to watch the “Welcome to my Website” video.        And on this summary page, you will find recent talks and interviews and such in chronological order.

I am deeply involved in the Peace and Unity Movement and currently working with a powerful eight day broadcast called World Unity Week.  More information is available at Facebook here.

With this program, I am sharing The Unity Sign and Fables of Unity that you can find on this site.  I am also spearheading the program for youth and families! Exciting times.

I just participated in an amazing online festival called, One Earth Live.

In a different category of interest, I am also fascinated with the exploration of our overall Climate Crisis.  What is going on and who will we become as we navigate these turbulent times.  Visit the Climate and Spirit tab, to see my recent interviews on this topic.

If you want to jump right in and get a full overview, I recommend this 2017 recent radio interview I did with KZFR in Chico, CA.  My segment starts at 0:56:40.  Throughout the rest of this site, you will find videos, podcasts, fables, poetry and much more.

More recent interviews are available at that tab heading.

I am available by email if you would like to connect and share.

About Peter Melton

The Unity Sign! We are remembering that we are one human family, one Earth Family, sharing one Earth and co creating one shared future. And, having some fun along the way.
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