Welcome to Infinite Love, Cleverly Disguised


Before sharing a wide view of my work, interviews, and other expressions below, let me take a short pause and remind you, that my most recent Interview, with Deb Ozarko is here, and my recent Extinction Radio Interview Podcast and Then Some, is here.

Welcome to Infinite Love, Cleverly Disguised

Thanks for stopping by to check out my site, ‘Peter Melton — Infinite Love, cleverly disguised‘.

The video below explains how I see our current environmental situation and how we might address it.

If you prefer written words, below the video there is a short article called Our World In Chaos, which I wrote in April 2016 (click for full article).


How I see it:

In April 2016, I was part of a TV show called Immense Possibilities. On this show, me and two other climate activists speak about our world.

IP515 – Considering Climate from Immense Possibilities on Vimeo.

Here is a teaser, introducing the show.  Also features Time Magazine 2014, Top 100 Most Influential People, Catherine Hayhoe.

On This Site you can explore more about my work with Climate Chaos and Spirituality, there are radio interviews and community events and more. You can browse some Spirited Fables I have written or hear a song I co-wrote, How Beautiful the World Is!

You can also learn more about my other passions including being an Oktoberfest Berger Meister, Messenger of Oneness, creative golf visionary and spiritual coach.  My bio and chronology are here.

Here are two of my short fables, made into videos for your viewing pleasure

Thanks again for visiting, Peter
Ashland, Oregon, February 2017

1 thought on “Welcome to Infinite Love, Cleverly Disguised

  1. Hello Peter. My name is Pam. I live in Chico. I just heard your program on KZFR with Peace & Social Justice March 20, 2020. The thoughts of the coronavirus actually stopping most human activity, and this being exactly what the planet needs, have been in my head for several days now. I actually posted them yesterday on my facebook timeline. It is heartwarming to hear this conversation beginning to emerge. Humans would have never managed to do what was necessary so Mother Nature has taken it into her own hands. It makes perfect sense…like all of Mother Nature. The change in air quality, low noise levels, lots of singing birds…..it is exhilarating. Yes….now what are we going to do with this huge opportunity staring us in the face…..this “Pause”…..perhaps e last chance to make the right decisions. Quite emotionally overwhelming . Thank you for your words of wisdom 🙏


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