My Passion, 14 Billion


More and more, month by month and now even day by day, I continue to focus on creating and delivering my message.  That means sharing it cleaner, clearer, and better.  And getting it out to more persons, more of the right persons who are ready to receive it, and helping powerfully furnish and support personal transformation.

Two new videos. First, sharing my message generally:

———- ———-

Ask yourself ‘what is going on with our species, our planet? What has led us to the challenges we face.  The universe, as we know it, has been around for 14 billion years. Consider the matter. Try to grasp the size of that reality, the size of THAT wave! What are we up to as a species? What have we done to our planet?

We do not seem to understand what we have done to our planet. We do not get how we are tearing at the fabric of our planet:

4 thoughts on “My Passion, 14 Billion

  1. Peter..thank you for sharing your talk on the 14 Billion year old planet. Isn’t evolution inclusive of climate change?

    Climate changes every minute. The debate is around what the causes are…and..the result in any event, is affect on all.

    I subscribe to the idea, as you say, we are all one. But I’m in the minority. There are few, in my opinion, that understand what is bad for one is bad for all. Its just the way the ego rules.

    I’m not sure I can be anything but an observer in this equation. And that’s ok. And I appreciate your perspective.


    • Thanks Mark, yes, as i see it, your individual self is an observer and then your infinite self is observing from a grader perspective as well. As we dare to know ourselves beyond our humanity, we tap into this infinite self and that allows us to know who we really are as we begin to wake to up from the dream of humanity. I wrote a spirited fable about this, check it out, It is called, Waves of Oneness, I will read it to you in 6 mintues here,


  2. Hi Pete. Greetings from across the miles and a pleasure listening to you, it brings back fond memories.
    Perhaps this(these) global issues shall be the things that inevitably unite us all. As you are aware, now and for some time the concerns of many is not the global harm, but on how to survive and compete.
    Bill Myers


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