Good Times, and Event

Woosh, good times

I had a great visit with a special friend in Ashland Oregon, then gave my talk at Sustainability Conference on Thursday that went great. 30 folks, 10 adults and 20 students participated.

45 minutes of me going shining the light I call Peter. Unfortunately, it was not recorded.

Hng around the conference, heard some other talks, reminisce about my college days, 30 years prior.

Also had a sweet easter weekend with my fam and little 6 year old.

Got to do a counseling session with the 35 yr old gal I am coaching, hoping to reconnect for a movie coaching session tonight, with the movie, City of Angels. You know the one, with Nick Cage and Meg Ryan.

Bio II

Bio for Peter Melton
(AKA Infinite Love.. cleverly disguised).
Enjoying the thrill of the journey of remembering and
Sharing joyous ideas about life and so much more!

Who am I?

Well, as described in the title area of my bio, in the grandest sense:
I am Infinite Love, cleverly disguised as Peter Melton.

Like a wave is a temporary expression of the grand ocean, Peter is a temporary expression of a timeless energy called love. I am that. You too are this infinite life expressing. We have tricked ourselves into believing that we are individual waves somehow separate from the ocean… Ha ha ah, silly species we turned out to be.

So we play out this game of life, hoping to remember that we are all in this together and that we set this all up for ourselves.

I talk about this Ocean expression, this Peter Melton wave, under Bio, here.

Considering Climate – Teaser

I am included on a program, set to be broadcast, Friday night, April 8th, on Oregon Public television, SOPTV. A great honor.  Starts at 8:30 pm.

You haven’t if you haven’t heard from Katharine Hayhoe. She’s making a lot of people rethink what they thought they knew about climate change. It could happen to you.
She’s one of three fresh and evocative voices in this week’s conversation; Impossible Conversation author Dean Walker and Peter Melton, host of “Daring to Discuss” conversations, also join us.

Here is a nice teaser:

Considering Climate – TEASE IP515 // Published on Mar 18, 2016

Will certainly share the full program once it is issued.